AuditBoard is the leading cloud-based platform transforming Audit, Risk, ESG, and compliance management. With Audit, Risk, ESG, and compliance data all in a single system of record, not only do you have a complete view of risk across the enterprise, but your teams are now connected, aligned, and can collaborate like never before.

More than 35% of the Fortune 500 leverage AuditBoard to move their businesses forward with greater clarity and agility.

What is AuditBoard?

AuditBoard is Internal Audit’s (IA) new centralized audit software.  AuditBoard is IA’s automated system of record and is supported by WashU Enterprise Applications.  It allows for more efficient communication with our clients and follow-up support for all audit engagements.

How to Access AuditBoard:

When users engagement is required, users will be sent a notification email containing a link to AuditBoard. Users log into AuditBoard using your WUSTL Key and Password.  AuditBoard will walk users through the items they need to complete and send back to Internal Audit

Who can use AuditBoard?

WashU Faculty and Staff can use their WUSTL Key to access AuditBoard and manage their financial documents.

Using AuditBoard

Users will receive email notifications from AuditBoard for the following parts of the audit:

  • Document requests and other information
  • Management responses to audit issues and/or process improvement recommendations
  • Audit report reviews (final reports are not published until IA receives your feedback)

AuditBoard Community Channels

AuditBoard Community Sign In

Here you’ll find a carefully curated space for audit, risk, and compliance professionals. Sign in using your AuditBoard customer account to easily and quickly connect with peers using our products, share best practices, and grow your professional network.

AuditBoard Teams Channel

Washington University Information Technology has created a Microsoft Teams Channel for AuditBoard users. This user group is a place can receive direct support for AuditBoard from WashU IT and internally converse with other AuditBoard Team members from around the university.