Atlassian provides project management and collaborative tools through a suite of products. Their solutions are designed to streamline software development and team collaboration.

Applications delivered by Atlassian, and currently in use at Washington University, are listed below:

  • Confluence is a collaboration tool used to organize work and as a document repository. This tool may be integrated with Jira.
  • Jira is a development tool used to plan, track and release software. This tool may be integrated with Confluence.

Training Options


Create free Atlassian University account with WU email address to begin learning.




Atlassian University, as well as a number of vendor partners, offer free and fee-based, hands-on instruction.

Other fee-based learning options include Expium, Isos, and many other vendors.


If you have Confluence, Jira, questions or requests, please complete and submit the General Service Request form for a technician to contact you.

Request Access

To request a license for access, complete the General Service Request Form and specify which group’s access is needed. The Access Management team will contact you once the request is fulfilled.