Washington University MOR Leadership Graduates

2013-2014 MOR Leadership Graduates

Justin Hoyt, Director – Infrastructure, Information Services & Technology

Ben Geers, Director – Information Technology

George Warren, Brown School of Social Work

Ken Keller, Director – Arts & Sciences Computing, Arts & Sciences

Sonia Francis, Director – Project Management, Medical Computing Services

Bob Guthrie, Enterprise IT Architect, Office of the Vice Chancellor and CIO

2014-2015 MOR Leadership Graduates

Jennifer Pruehsner Director – Medical School Applications

Craig Hager Director – University Network Planning and Services

Diane Gentile Manager User Support

Richard Biehl Manager Technical Services

Denise Hirschbeck Assistant Vice Chancellor – Enterprise Applications

Bernard Bennett Assistant Director – Customer Services

2015-2016 MOR Leadership Graduates

Babs Vogelsang Director – Information Systems

Bill Fisher Executive Director – Computing & Info Technology

Rooji Sugathan Senior Director – Enterprise Applications

Dan Zweifel Director – WashU IT-Shared Technology Services

Kevin Hardcastle Chief Information Security Officer

Dannette Hutton Manager – Web-Based Development

Josh Lawrence Manager – Technical Services

Christopher Alexander Director – Information Systems

2017 MOR Leadership Graduates

Jeff Allison Application Developer Lead – WashU IT

Chris Amelung Asst Vice Chancellor for Digital Strategy – Public Affairs

Tony Balsamo Dir, Information Systems, Business & Law

Greg Barton Manager Technical Services – WashU IT

Douglas Briggs Director, Enterprise Applications – WashU IT

Jim Deutschmann Assoc Dir, Admissions Systems & Integrations – Admissions Office

Josh Edwards Dir Enterprise Applications – WashU IT-Enterprise Apps

James Gagliarducci Asst Dir, Information Security

Aisha Goodman Hamilton Manager, Communications – CIO

Holly Griffin Knowledge Management Specialist – OCIO – Portfolio&Project Mgmt

Scott Hughes Asst Dir, Departmental Applications – WashU IT-Enterprise Apps

Tom Imlay Director, Project Management – OCIO – Portfolio&Project Mgmt

Mike Isaacs Dir Clin Informatics/Bus Dev – Pathology and Immunology Admin

Martin Johnson Director Shared Infrastructure – WashU IT

Ken Koch Infrastructure Architect – WashU IT

Jason LaBrash Bus & Tech App Analyst III – Radiation Oncology

Samantha Lacy Manager of IM Services – Engineering IT

Kelly Lavick Business Analyst IV -OCIO – Portfolio&Project Mgmt

Christy McCollum Manager IT Budget -OCIO – IT Administration

Jason Murray Infrastructure Architect – WashU IT

Larry Poertner Systems Engineer IV – WashU IT

Craig Pohl Sr. Director Research Infrastructure Services – WashU IT

Scott Rich Director Information Systems – Pediatrics Department Administration

Nicholas Rose Sr Systems Manager – Radiation Oncology

Audery Sims-Timberlake IT Project Manager lll – OCIO – Portfolio&Project Mgmt

Rick Tyler Senior Director for IT – WashU IT

Joelene Swearingen Business Director for IT Administration – OCIO – IT Administration

Richard Viehmann Computer Systems Manager – Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts

Amy Walter Executive Director, Enterprise Applications – WashU IT

Nancy Webb Director, EUS – WashU IT

Kip Woods Director, IT Service Management – OCIO – Portfolio&Project Mgmt

2018 MOR Leadership Graduates

John Bailey Manager of IT – Cloud – WashU IT

Mitch Gentry Manager, Network Engineering -WashU IT

Matt House Enterprise IT Architect – OCIO – Portfolio&Project Mgmt

Katherine Krajcovic Senior Director, IT Administration – OCIO – CIO

Regina Sykes Director Project Support – OCIO – Portfolio&Project Mgmt

Steve Westlund Dir Enterprise Applications – WashU IT

Denise Woodward Information Security Manager – Information Security

2022 MOR Leadership Graduates

Brian Allen – Director, Information Security

Mark Craig – Senior Director, Enterprise Applications

Jennie Franke – Senior Director, Enterprise Applications

Rick Herman – Executive Director, End User Services

Jim Johnson – Senior Director, Shared Infrastructure

Craig Luciano – Manager Technical Services, Shared Infrastructure

Suzanne Pea – Senior Director, IT Finance and Administration

Anil Pillai – Data Architect Lead, Data Management

Todd Zimmerman – Application Architect Lead – Data Management