Qualtrics for Sensitive Data Webinar 

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A webinar to preview the new Qualtrics brand, Qualtrics for Sensitive Data, will be held April 18 at 11 a.m. Those who would like to see a demo of Qualtrics for Sensitive Data, ask questions, and learn more about this tool are welcome to attend. Users may also visit the project webpage to view training guides. 

The webinar and training guide will show users how to navigate many of the Qualtrics for Sensitive Data features, including: 

  • Downloading your data to align with the 365-Day Data Retention Policy 
  • Creating a survey using the branded sensitive data templates  
  • Applying security settings for surveys using your own template 
  • Accessing the Sensitive Data Flags for Survey Creators
  • Emailing your survey using the sensitive data email template  

What is Qualtrics for Sensitive Data? 

Qualtrics for Sensitive Data was developed to provide a more secure Qualtrics brand for customers who collect identifiable sensitive data, including PHI/PII. It aims to secure data better and reduce WashU’s risk and liability in the event of a breach. This brand is required for any Qualtrics survey requesting PHI/PII, and other identifiable sensitive data. With Qualtrics for Sensitive Data, WashU makes another step forward in adopting sensitive data collection best practices.    

What will happen with the current brand of Qualtrics?  

The current brand of Qualtrics is not going away. It will be relabeled Qualtrics for General Use once Qualtrics for Sensitive Data launches. Qualtrics users who collect PHI/PII or other identifiable sensitive data are required to use Qualtrics for Sensitive Data. Qualtrics users who do not need to collect PHI/PII or other identifiable sensitive data are welcome to use either brand.    

What is the 365-Day Data Retention Policy? 

To better protect survey creators, data and WashU, Qualtrics for Sensitive Data includes a data retention policy where 365 days after the last survey response is received, Qualtrics will automatically delete the surveys. We encourage survey creators to keep a pulse on when their survey closes so they can pull the survey data out of Qualtrics and store it somewhere locally, secure, and approved. Then survey creators can go in and delete their survey data or wait until it is deleted automatically. 

What are the project’s next steps?  

The Qualtrics for Sensitive Data Webinar will be recorded and posted to the project webpage. After Qualtrics for Sensitive Data launches on April 25, 2024, users will be notified of open office hours to provide support and answer questions.   

To learn more, visit the project website: Qualtrics for Sensitive Data – Information Technology (wustl.edu).