Shared IT Services Unit Representatives Group

WashU leaders articulated the importance of strong two‐way communication and a collaborative approach to achieve better outcomes in IT services. Unit Representatives work with the Shared IT Services Program on the design and implementation of shared technology services.


  • Serve your unit as the primary point of communication on the shared IT services projects
  • Represent your unit within the Unit Representative Group, voicing IT-related needs, concerns and expectations to ensure services are appropriate for adoption by your unit
  • Collect feedback from your constituents Include your leadership, faculty, administration, and IT staff in the conversation
  • Provide input and review on key messaging of IT projects

  • Gain a clear understanding of IT projects, assess possible impacts to your constituents and share information/concerns with the Unit Representative group
  • Anticipate points of friction with IT projects and services and recommend mitigation approaches
  • Support and promote shared IT service organization events/activities aimed at easing transitions, creating awareness and adoption of IT services
  • Assume shared responsibility for unit readiness
  • Help the program facilitate readiness activities
  • Provide input on go/no-go decisions for your unit
  • Each Unit Representative should bring a deep understanding of his or her unit and constituents, as well as a perspective on the changes and challenges we face together as a university.

    The Unit Representatives Group began meeting in May 2015 and will operate through the deployment of the Shared IT Services Program, which is expected to conclude in  2017-18. Membership includes both administrative and academic units.

    If a Unit Representative leaves the university or is no longer associated with his or her assigned unit, they are responsible for letting their unit leadership know to appoint a new group member. They should also let the Shared IT Services Program know via email at

    Department/Unit Unit Representative Title
    Admin -Admissions Kim Selle Director of Admissions, Financial Aid Administration & Admissions Systems
    Admin -Alumni & Development Joe Paglisotti Technology Coordinator
    Admin -Alumni & Development Kevin Wheeler Senior Business Manager
    Admin -Athletics

    Christie Livingston

    Student Affairs/Shared Business Services Business Manager
    Admin -Athletics

    James Parker

     Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives
    Admin -Campus Life

    Christie Livingston

    Student Affairs/Shared Business Services Business Manager
    Admin -Campus Life

    James Parker

     Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives
    Admin -Danforth Financial Services Nick Modlin Sr. Financial Systems Analyst
    Admin -Office of Finance, WUSM Christopher Adkins Dir Financial Reporting
    Admin -Facilities Tim Goodwin Director of Business Operations
    Admin -Facilities Brad Averbeck Information Systems Manager
    Admin -Government Affairs + Community Relations  Char Buckley Executive Assistant to the Vice Chancellor
    Admin -Human Resources Stella  Elder Sr. Manager HR Operations
    Admin -International Affairs Kristin Williams Office Manager
    Admin -Office of the Provost Lisa Siddens Director, Strategic Projects and Appointments
    Admin -Office of the Vice Chancellor and General Counsel Lisa Wood Sr. Executive Assistant to the EVC & General Counsel
    Admin -Olin Library Mark Sellan Manager, Network & Systems Administration
    Admin -Operations Paul Schimmele Dining Services Manager
    Admin -Public Affairs Galen Harrison Director of Administration
    Admin -Real Estate Mary Dillender Real Estate Coordinator
    Admin -Registrar’s Office Sue Hosack University Registrar
    Admin – Shared Business Services

    Christie Livingston

    Shared Business Services Manager, Student Affairs Business Manager
    Admin -Student Financial Services Jim Deutschmann Assoc Dir, Admissions Systems & Integrations
    Admin – Student Health Services

    Cheri LeBlanc

    Executive Director
    Admin -The Teaching Center Liz Peterson Associate Director
    Admin -University Police Kelly Nappier Business Manager
    Admin – Vice Chancellor for Operations and Technology Transfer Kim Orf Executive Assistant
    Admin – Vice Chancellor for Research Joseph Gindhart Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance & Sponsored Projects, Accounting and Research Services
    A&S -Anthropology Michael Frachetti Associate Professor
    A&S -Biology Andrew Johnstone Business Manager Biology and Tyson Research Center
    A&S -Chemistry Jay Ponder Associate Professor
    A&S -Dean College Arts and Sciences Marilyn Chill Director of Operations
    A&S -Dean of Graduate School Rachel Pepe Director of Operations
    A&S -Earth Sciences Douglas Wiens Professor
    A&S -Economics Lucas Heberlie Assistant Director, Social Sciences Computing
    A&S -Economics Robert Parks Professor
    A&S -Economics Sonya Woolley Graduate Secretary
    A&S -English Joseph Loewenstein Professor
    A&S -Office Account Ebba Segerberg Director of Communications
    A&S -Physics Michael Ogilvie Professor
    A&S -Psychological & Brain Sciences Richard Abrams Professor
    A&S -Romance Language and Literature Amanda Carey Senior Lecturer in Spanish
    A&S -University College Karen Novak Director of Administration Finance & Operation
    Brown School

    Ashby Tyler

    Interim IT Director, Service Center Manager

    Brown School

    Nancy Mueller

    Assistant Dean for Planning and Evaluation

    Olin Business School Dorothy  Kittner Assistant Dean and Director of Corporate Relations
    Sam Fox  School of Design and Visual Arts Enrique Von Rohr Director of Research & Technology
    School of Engineering & Applied Science Ben Geers Sr. Director, Computing & IT Services
    School of Law Eva Ostrow Associate Dean of Finance
    School of Law Julio Perez Academic & Financial Analyst
    WUSM -Anesthesiology Barry Guild Executive Director – Business Affairs
    WUSM -Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics Jayma Mikes Business Manager
    WUSM – Biology and Biomedical Sciences (DBBS) Andrew Richards Director, Recruitment, Alumni Affairs and IT
    WUSM -Cell Biology & Physiology

    Heather Reed

    Pre-Clinical Business Manager

    WUSM -Cell Biology & Physiology

    Chris Kaufmann

    Operations & System Spec III

    WUSM -Cell Biology & Physiology

    Paul Schlesinger

    Associate Professor

    WUSM -Developmental Biology Lise Westfall Pre-Clinical Business Manager
    WUSM -Emergency Medicine Darlene Huebner Director of Business Operations
    WUSM -Facilities Karen Seifert Director of Business Operations
    WUSM -Faculty Practice Plan

    Jay Albertina

    Executive Director, Managed Care & Physician Billing

    WUSM -Faculty Practice Plan

    John Co

    Director of Information Systems

    WUSM -Faculty Practice Plan

    Jane Meyer

    Manager of Administrative Services

    WUSM -Genetics Cherie Moore Pre-clinical Business Manager
    WUSM -Genome Institute Amy Reily Research Lab Manager
    WUSM -Genome Institute Joell Veizer Research Lab Manager
    WUSM – Department of Internal Medicine Steve Reynolds Executive Director, Finance & Administration
    WUSM -Molecular Microbiology Sharon Janoski Business Manager
    WUSM -Molecular Microbiology Heinz Kahan Systems Manager
    WUSM -Neurosurgery Rhonda  Kidwell Manager of Patient Accounts
    WUSM -Neurology Sheri Farber Executive Director, Business Affairs
    WUSM -Neurology Eric Freeman IT Business Analyst
    WUSM -Neuroscience Tami Evans Business Manager
    WUSM -Neuroscience Debbie Pfeiffer Assistant to the Chair
    WUSM- Obstetrics &


    Marsha Canon Executive Director, Business Affairs
    WUSM -Occupational Therapy Bill Bauer Business Manager
    WUSM -Ophthalmology Josh Anderson Clinical Administrator
    WUSM -Orthopaedic Surgery Jason Guattery Clinical Research Specialist
    WUSM -Otolaryngology Brian Faddis Assistant Professor
    WUSM -Pathology & Immunology Sonia Francis Performance Improvement Consultant
    WUSM -Pediatrics Rhonda Matt Director of Business Operations
    WUSM -Physical Therapy Cory Brant Specialist, Web Content & Technology Services
    WUSM -Physical Therapy Joe Klaesner Associate Professor
    WUSM -Physical Therapy Maria Renner Manager of Business Department Operations
    WUSM -Psychiatry Nuri Farber Professor of Psychiatry
    WUSM -Radiation Oncology Dan Kinzel Executive Director of Business Affairs
    WUSM -Radiology Vamsi  Narra Vice Chair of Imaging Informatics and New Business Development
    WUSM -Radiology Joy Haven Executive Director of Business Affairs
    WUSM –Siteman Cancer Center Ken Wamsley Director of Information Systems
    WUSM –Surgery Ken Wamsley Director of Information Systems

    Unit Representatives Group Meeting Material

    January 24- WUSM Campus, Mid Campus Center, Training Room 2057
    April 25- WUSM Campus, Connor Auditorium, Farrell Learning & Teaching Center
    July 25-Meeting Cancelled; Status Update Emailed
    October 24- Danforth Campus, Wrighton Audtiorium, Wrighton 300

    Meetings will take place from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted. Meetings take place quarterly on the fourth Thursday of the month following the end of each quarter. Meeting locations will rotate between campuses.
    effective date 9.28.17

    View agendas of the monthly meetings:

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    January 24, 2019
    April 25, 2019
    July 25, 2019 - meeting cancelled, status update emailed (see presentations tab)
    October 24, 2019

    2018 Agendas
    2017 Agendas
    2016 Agendas
    2015 Agendas

    View videos of the monthly meetings:

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    January 24, 2019
    April 25, 2019
    July 25, 2019 - Meeting cancelled, no meeting recording.
    October 24, 2019

    2018 Recordings
    2017 Recordings
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    View the monthly group presentations.

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    January 24, 2019
    April 25, 2019
    July 25, 2019
    October 24, 2019

    2018 Presentations
    2017 Presentations
    2016 Presentations
    2015 Presentations