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We are working hard to identify the best ways this powerful application can supercharge your workflows. If you'd like to try Teams today, you will find self-guided instructions on this page.

Ready to supercharge your collaborations? WashU IT is ready to help! WashU IT has been working across our campuses to understand the existing collaborative needs of our users, identify new areas where easier collaboration may be beneficial, and highlight available tools for meeting those needs.

Microsoft Teams is where the journey begins. Teams is a central collaboration portal with integrations throughout the Office 365 system and far beyond. This means that co-authoring documents produced in Office 365 is a snap. Just upload the file to your team and it’s securely stored in a place where everyone on your team can communicate and collaborate about what needs to get done. If you want to get an early start, you can download and install teams on all of your devices from the Teams download page and learn more about teams on the Teams how to page. After you download the app, be sure to join our Microsoft Teams Users Team. That is the best place to explore Teams features and have your questions answered by professionals from WashU IT and Microsoft.

We have spent the last year collecting feedback from various groups across our campuses about their collaborative challenges because we wanted our strategy for using Microsoft Teams to be built from the ground up based on the specific needs of our institution. When we asked about collaborative challenges, we heard that our customers want to collaborate easily with users outside of our organization, co-author documents within their groups, build consistent workflows in spite of rotating team members, document processes, reduce the number of ‘reply-all’ email threads, improve videoconferencing and meeting options, have reliable mobile access, and have the opportunity to build communities based on shared interests. Microsoft Teams is the starting point for all of this, but that’s just the beginning.

As part of our effort to allow our customers to direct our efforts with Teams, we have entered into a partnership with Microsoft to provide introductory assistance to selected pilot groups. These groups will allow us to build our own support plan around the specific needs of the WashU community. All WashU IT customers using the Teams platform will have the opportunity to connect and discuss shared goals through Teams specifically dedicated to the topics that are most important to this great institution. The best part is, there is no additional cost for using Teams. It’s already included in our Office 365 license.

Office 365

WashU IT provides this collection of interconnected applications and secure cloud-based storage platforms designed to make collaborative efforts more effective and efficient. WashU IT identified several key areas where collaboration is essential: Departmental Scheduling, Grant Research, Committee Work, Hiring, and Working with Sensitive Data. We have what you need to collaborate in these areas and Passport offers concise workflows to get the job done.

This page will be updated regularly to meet address your concerns and provide additional guidance.

Have an idea about IT Passport? Feel free to ask us in Microsoft Teams Users Team or email us here.


Teams offers two different HIPAA and FERPA secure storage solutions, BOX and OneDrive.

Both solutions are cloud based and automatically backed up, assuring reliable storage accessible from anywhere.

Both solutions are easy to share with multiple collaborators and can be synchronized between the cloud and your computer.

There are an extraordinary number of collaborative applications with integrations in Teams. Currently these applications are all available through your Office 365 login.

Teams is central to the collaborative applications featured in O365, allowing groups to interact in multiple ways on tasks such as committees, hiring, academic scheduling, grant funded research, and more.

OneNote, automatically part of Teams, is a wonderful way to keep notes for projects, committees, tasks, and more. With easily shareable notes that include far more than just text, OneNote is a great way to be sure everyone is on the same page.

Additional applications further expand the library of available collaborative tools. Feel free to explore, learn, and play, allowing this technology to enhance your work experience

Coming Soon

Please direct questions, suggestions, and feedback to the Microsoft Teams Users Team or send an email to the WashU IT Teams Project Team.