Shared IT Services Migration Schedule

The migration schedule is organized into four waves (I – IV). This is done to streamline efforts across campuses and allow users to stay up to date on the status of their migration.

Select the tabs below to see which units fall into which waves. These waves will help to better explain the migration schedule. Users may look in further detail at the status of their particular unit’s migration status by selecting their unit with the Wave tab assigned to their unit’s migration.

**Please Note: This is a working schedule, which means dates are subject to change and updating as changes occur. Divisional details are updated as migrations dates are confirmed with each unit.

Not all units have full divisional details available. Those that do will allow you to click on the unit name below.

Migration Schedule Waves

Wave I of the migration schedule includes the following Units:

Department of Medicine Complete
Emergency Medicine Complete
Neurology Complete
Neurosurgery Complete
Neuroscience Complete
Occupational Therapy Complete
Ophthalmology Complete
Otolaryngology Complete
Pediatrics Complete
Physical Therapy Complete

Program in Audiology and Communication Sciences- (PACS)

Siteman Cancer Center Complete
Pathology and Immunology Complete
Anesthesiology/Psychiatry Complete
Obstetrics and Gynecology (OBYGN) Complete
Orthopedic Surgery Complete
Audiology Complete
Physician Billing Services TBD
Radiation Oncology Complete
Radiology TBD
Surgery Complete

Wave II of the migration schedule includes the following Units:

Brown School  Complete
Facilities Planning & Management (Danforth) Complete
Operations & Facilities Management (WUSM) Complete
Law School
Public Affairs (Danforth) Complete
Public Affairs (WUSM Central Admin) Complete
Student Financial Services Complete
Undergraduate Admissions Complete
Remaining Central Fiscal Units (Danforth) In Progress
Remaining Central Administrative Units (WUSM Central Admin) TBD
Student Affairs (Danforth)  TBD
North Campus Cohorts  TBD


Wave III of the migration schedule includes the following Units:

Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts Complete
School of Engineering Complete
Olin Business School Complete
School of Engineering & Applied Science+ (SEAS) TBD
University Libraries Complete
 Arts & Sciences++ TBD

+local IT will support the student labs

++local IT will support Arts & Sciences

Wave IV of the migration schedule includes the following units:

Pre-clinical Units TBD
Unit Cleanup