IT Professionals

List of services commonly requested by IT Professionals

Cloud Backup for Computers
Allows customers to securely back up files kept locally on their workstations.

Cloud Computing
Provides access to and management of a range of cloud computing technologies.

Data Center Hosting
Customer-managed servers and storage environments in WashU IT data centers.

File Shares and Storage 
Allows faculty and staff to store files on department managed file shares and servers.

Identity & Access Management
Provides reliable and cost-effective authentication services for access to business information through the use of WUSTL CONNECT (a.k.a. WUSTL Key).

Information Security
Provides guidance for a computing environment that is safe, secure, regulatory compliant and minimizes the exposure and loss of information.

Managed Database
Managed database hosting in shared or dedicated environments.

Managed Network Printing
Provides administration for printing to networked, multi-function printers via wired or wireless network connections.

Network Connectivity
University’s network, including wired, wireless, internet and internet 2 access.

Research Storage
A scalable, high performance and distributed storage infrastructure with integrated long-term archive.