Client Computing & Support: Features & Options

Independent user service tier is intended for use by some faculty and some researchers who supply, manage, and maintain their own computing environment. This service includes the following:

  • Self-Service
    • Enterprise supplied software (license restrictions may apply)
    • On-line FAQ and tutorials

Fully supported service tier is intended for use by all Clinicians, Staff, most faculty, and most researchers. It contains all of the features in the Independent User Services as well as those detailed below:

  • User direct desk-side support to rapidly resolve issues.
  • Fully managed desktop and laptop computers including keeping them up to date and installing new software for enterprise applications and departmentally supplied applications.
  • End user technology integration to assist departments with identifying and integrating end-user technologies.
  • Loaner equipment for travel and to support ongoing business operations.
  • Enhanced support for executives and senior faculty.
  • Computer inventory tracking and lifecycle management.

Information about computer models, hardware accessories and prices