Access & SecurityBusiness Intelligence & Data Warehousing

Complete the appropriate forms on this page to begin processing your access to the university’s data warehouse. If you are not sure which form to use, or if you are not sure whether your access is complete or in progress, please contact our Help Desk.

Data warehouse servers are in the secure WUSTL-Zone, meaning you must either be on a wired WashU network or a secure, free WashU VPN if you want to access them from an off-campus or wireless network. Click here to learn more and get your free WashU VPN.

You must be logged into Box with your WUSTL Key ID to access the files in the folder below.

If you are having trouble accessing the Box folder:

  • Make sure you are using the WashU single sign-on (SSO)
  • Use your email address – do not include any subdomains (wusm, wudosis, etc.)
  • If you can’t sign in using the pop-up window, open another browser tab, and sign in at Then refresh this page.