Inside the Data WarehouseBusiness Intelligence & Data Warehousing

The WashU data warehouse initiative began in 2008. The goals of the initiative are:

  • Maximize the impact of data as a shared university asset by gathering and integrating the data needed for decision making
  • Create a reliable and responsive customer-service experience with common services and processes
  • Work with schools and departments to develop solutions for their reporting and analytical needs
  • Foster a culture of increasingly sophisticated data use across the University to drive decision making

Data Warehouse Source Systems

The data warehouse currently includes historical data from the university systems IDX/BAR, STAR/SFS, FIS, HRMS, AIS, PDS and Space.

In 2016, our team successfully integrated publicly-available data from the NIH (including data from the FDA, CDC and DHSS) into the warehouse, putting valuable research and funding data alongside our own.

BIDW Roadmap v2 051316The five-year roadmap of the data warehouse team includes integration of more university systems, including SIS and Assets.

The better you understand the data in the warehouse, the more effectively you can use it in reporting and analysis. From package descriptions to data dictionaries, these resources will help you find your way around.

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The data warehouse contains thousands of fields. Data dictionaries make it easier for our users to understand what's in each data package, the source of their information and the ways it all relates.

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University data is a strategic asset to our community. Learn how our data governance structure is working to frame the way we gather, secure and manage data at WashU.

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