Data GovernanceBusiness Intelligence & Data Warehousing

Data governance is the framework for the management and security of institutional data.


  • Ease of Use: Data is easier to access and understand
  • Reliability: Data is more accurate and consistent
  • Security: Data has clear line of accountability and ownership

Data Governance Structure

Data-Governance-GraphicThe data governance process operates under the auspices of the IT Executive Committee, which holds the ultimate decision-making authority over and responsibility for policies and standards enacted through the process.

Data Stewards and Delegated Data Stewards oversee data domains. Together with advisory members from WashU IT, they make up the Data Governance Council. The DGC meets quarterly.

Data Managers, each assigned to oversee one data entity, are members of the Data Governance Working Group, which meets monthly.

Selected Data Coordinators and members of the data user community may be asked to participate ad hoc in the Data Governance Working Group.