Migrating Users

View a brief presentation on what changes for you when your unit migrates to Shared IT Services here.

How should I prepare for my computer migration day? 

In order to make your transition to Shared IT Services as smooth as possible, be proactive in your migration. Below are few steps you can take to ensure you are ready for the changes to your machine and how you interact with IT.

  • Your WUSTL key is what you use to log in to university applications like HRMS and the password you use for that username.
  • You will log into your device using your WUSTL key post-migration.
  • Be sure your computer(s) are available at the specified date and time.
  • You may receive several emails from itmigration@wustl.edu.
  • Take note of the important information sent your way.
  • Includes migration date, time, and software.
  • You will receive a separate summary for each computer (desktop and laptops).
  • Note any issues or inaccurate information (software, printers, network drives, etc.) and reply ASAP.

  • Passwords saved in IE or other applications will not be saved.
  • You will have to add passwords again after your migration.

  • Your computer data will be restored on your scheduled migration day. It is always recommended that you have a backup copy of any local data.
  • Local Data = files stored ONLY on your machine, not a network drive. Look for files in c: drive or on the desktop.
  • Note: WUSTL Box provides unlimited self-service storage for WashU users. Learn about how to use Box with interactive training and quick guides located at https://box.wustl.edu/training-faqs/.

Ensure your device is available at your scheduled migration date and time. You will need to be available to log in after computer migration is complete.