Shin Leong

Application Developer III

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Interview

G – Greeting: Every time I see people, I always greet them no matter their culture or background.
U – Understanding: When people talk to me, I try to listen to understand them.
R – Respecting: No matter who, you need to respect people.
U – Unique: Everybody is unique!

Originally from Malaysia, Shin came to the US 20 years ago to study computer engineering. After discovering that America is a multicultural and diverse nation, much like Malaysia, Shin decided to stay in the US, and lives with his beautiful wife Emily and their two amazing sons Jayden and Spencer. Shin believes that by starting with a push for equity, that diversity will more naturally flourish, and that inclusion follows quickly behind. Shin also seeks to be inclusive in every day interactions, by being mindful to act in a way that is accepting and welcoming to others regardless of their culture or background.