Box Notes

Box Notes is a powerful live collaboration tool that is already installed and enabled for all WUSTL Box accounts. Box Notes provides Washington University users access to work on a MS Word-like document simultaneously within a web browser. It is ideal for brainstorming sessions or live document review sessions being conducted remotely.

To get started using Box Notes, take the following steps:

  1. Download and install Box Notes from this Box Download Page
  2. Install the software on your computer and then open it
  3. When prompted to login, click Use Single Sign On (SSO)
  4. Enter your email address (Note: do not use your department email address such as
  5. Click “Log In”
  6. When prompted, enter your WUSTL Key username and password

Note that the document is continuously saved, so there is no need to “Save” your note as you work on it.  When you are finished working on your Box Note, simply close the window.  To live-collaborate with your colleagues on the Box Note:

  • Share the Box note with your colleagues by sending them a sharing link or placing the Box Note in a folder that they have access to
  • Coordinate a time for you and your colleagues to open the same Box note – you will all see each other’s document edits live as you work on the document