Infrastructure Hosting Services

Infrastructure Hosting Services are divided into two different categories:

Fully Supported
A managed solution of servers, storage, operating systems and databases to units wanting to shift their commodity computing support to WashU IT thus freeing resource focus to managing their applications and performing data analysis to support the school or department mission.

A collection of solutions designed for units that need to retain some of their systems management at a local level and wish to leverage infrastructure technology investments made by Washington University. School or department resources will be required for systems support.

For Schools & Departments   For IT Staff

The following Service Offerings are included in this Service.

Fully Supported Services

  • WashU IT Cloud Premier
  • Managed Database

Independent Services

  • WashU IT Cloud Essentials
  • Public Cloud Enablement
  • Data Center Hosting
  • Raw Storage

Note: These above two categories are not mutually exclusive and adoption by a school, department or center could be any blend of these categories. Hypothetically, in order to meet its mission specific operating requirements, any unit might use Fully Supported services for clinical and administrative applications and Independent services for research applications.

Support: Selectable After Hours Engagement for contact and partnered engagement during Extended Support Hours

Monitoring: Options for system online and utilization monitoring

Backup: Standard and Extended Backup Retention durations

Disaster Recovery: Varying durations of Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO)


Additional Service Level Expectation Information:

After Hours Engagement
Customers selectable option for contact and partnered engagement during Extended Support Hours. Engagement is initiated upon automated critical alerts involving customer purchased services.

After Hours Engagement Contact Method
Default Phone Call & Email
Option 1 Email
Option 2 No Contact


Web, Data and Servers Services

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WashU IT Cloud Premier
Turnkey server and storage environments with optional disaster recovery.

Managed Database
Managed database hosting in shared or dedicated environments.

WashU IT Cloud Essentials
Customer managed server and storage environments with optional disaster recovery. 

Public Cloud Enablement 
Customer managed services via select public cloud vendors.

Data Center Hosting 
Customer managed servers and storage environments in WashU IT data centers.