Custom Application Development

Customers find the Custom Application Development service offering useful when existing department applications cannot be modified to meet the business needs of their unit. In these situations, a customized solution is in order. The WashU IT departmental application development team works with the customer to document the user’s growing needs as determined by current trends and business goals. From conception to implementation, the WashU IT departmental application development team is committed to high quality and reliability using both current and emerging technologies.

Development of custom-built application solutions including reporting, using one or more platforms (i.e. web browsers, REST/SOAP web services). The service includes prototyping, design, development, testing and implementation.
After reviewing the needs and requirements of each individual request, an appropriate solution will be determined and presented to the customer for review/approval in a Project Scope document.
Applications are built primarily using C#.NET, JavaScript and HTML4/5 with Microsoft SQL Server database (additional cost for SQL DBs).

This service does not include the following:

  • Content management system development
  • Enterprise application development
  • Modification to existing applications not developed by Departmental Applications
  • Mobile applications development
    • Responsive designs can be provided if needed
  • MS Access development support

The following table lists the timeframe in which we will respond to customer’s requests for new departmental application development or enhancement of existing systems:

Feature Request IT Availability for Initial Meeting
Custom Applications Initial Request Within 2 weeks
Custom Applications Enhancement/Reports Complete a new Project Scope to kick off the next development cycle

Custom Application Development is a Service Offering within the Department Application Development and Support Service. The complete Service Level Expectation (SLE) document for the Department Application Development and Support service can be read by clicking this link:
Department Application Development and Support SLE

Training is provided by the Departmental Applications Team and includes basic walkthrough of product features. Training also encompasses customizations that are included in the different tier options. Training is generally provided prior to releasing the final product to the Partner but can also be provided at a later date by request as a refresher or for new employees.

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