Loaner Equipment

Customers find the Loaner Equipment service offering useful since a Windows or Macintosh laptop/tablet can be reserved for domestic or international travel. Upon return to campus the loaner equipment is restored to a “clean” image. This prevents virus or malware attacks from entering campus. Additionally, this ensures the customer’s primary computer stays securely configured to access university systems.

The Loaner Equipment Service Includes:

  • Windows and Macintosh laptops and tablets available to checkout for domestic or international travel
  • Power adapters compatible with international travel
  • Can be used in place of equipment being repaired

Included in Basic IT Bundle

Note: Upon return to campus the loaner equipment is restored to a original image and all data is removed. Do not store files locally without a backup.

This service level is available for Shared IT Services customers. Click here to see if your department has migrated to Shared IT Services.

Two choices exist for this service:

  • If you want same day pickup of loaner equipment, then please visit the depot located at 4480 Clayton Ave.
  • If you can wait 2 business days for delivery, then request delivery to your office via the service request form noted in the right-hand navigation of this page.

The Loaner Equipment Service Offering is included within the Basic IT Bundle (Bit Bundle) Service. The complete Service Level Expectation (SLE) document for the Basic IT Bundle (Bit Bundle) Service can be read by clicking this link: Basic IT Bundle (Bit Bundle) SLE


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