Equipment Relocations

Customers find the Equipment Relocation service offering useful when reorganizing their work space or relocating staff to a new area. Equipment Relocations will be completed within 5 days. If a scheduled time is needed, please submit requests at least 5 days in advance of the desired time. If more than 5 computers need to be moved, then a special move request must be submitted so the move can be scheduled.

This service includes movement of computer hardware only.

  • This Service is only available to customers in the BIT Bundle – Fully Supported Tier. Movement of boxes and general office equipment is not covered by this service.
  • This service level is available for Shared IT Services customers. Click here to see if your department has migrated to Shared IT Services.

The following table lists the service fulfillment target for each service request:

Service Request Fulfillment Target
Equipment Relocation 5 business days

The Equipment Relocation Service Offering is included within the Basic IT Bundle (Bit Bundle) Service. The complete Service Level Expectation (SLE) document for the Basic IT Bundle (Bit Bundle) Service can be read by clicking this link: Basic IT Bundle (Bit Bundle) SLE

Training for this service offering is available at

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