Cognos Analytics UpgradeBusiness Intelligence & Data Warehousing

Project Status: In Progress

Project Contact: Todd Zimmermann, Application Developer Lead, WashU IT Enterprise Applications

Project Goal

Migration of data reporting tool from version 10.2 to version +11.0.6

About the Project

Early March: User Acceptance Testing begins

Early April: Phase 1 Training released to all users

Mid-April: Phase 2 Training released to current Workspace Advanced and Report Studio users

Late April: Go-Live

Phase 1: The initial focus of our training on Cognos Analytics will be on migration with minimal disruption of business practices. That means our first step is to get you familiar enough with the new environment that you can do the work you do today. Phase 1 Training includes (but may not be limited to):

  • Cognos Analytics: Essentials – Video module on navigating the new user interface.
  • Cognos Analytics: Basic Reporting – Video module that covers non-authoring topics, such as how to run a standard/shared report, how to schedule a report, save a report view, etc.
  • Query Studio in Cognos Analytics – Video module for current Query Studio users, demonstrating how to access the legacy application, understanding its limitations in the new environment, and how to convert QS reports to the new format when you are ready.

All of these modules will be available as LIVE webinar sessions during the month of April (and possibly May, depending on demand). Times and dates TBD in March.

Phase 2: We will develop training curriculum for the new Report Author tool. First priority in this training will be to Workspace Advanced and Report Studio users, since their report-writing tools will not be available at all in Cognos Analytics (see FAQ for more details). Phase 2 Training includes (but may not be limited to):

  • Report Author Basics – Video module that follows the same general format as the existing Query Studio Basics, including how to navigate in the authoring tool, browse the data packages, and create a basic report from scratch.

This module will be available as a LIVE webinar session during the month of April (and possibly May, depending on demand). Times and dates TBD in March.

  • Report Author Intermediate – TBD

Phase 3: When we have established a Report Author curriculum, we will begin training on the new features of Cognos Analytics, like Dashboarding and Data Modules.

Todd Zimmermann, Application Developer Lead

David Flower, Application Developer Lead

Becky Jordan, Application Developer III

Becky Cowin, Technical Training Specialist

Allison Grindon, Project Manager


Yes, your reports will be migrated and any schedules you’ve set should follow to the new system. To save on storage space and time, please consider removing any saved reports that you no longer need from your Cognos “My Folders” before the migration.

Instead of the tiered system of Cognos 10, where we had to give you access to different tools based on your report-writing needs, Cognos Analytics has a single tool, Report Author.

Query Studio will be available as a legacy system accessible from Cognos Analytics. You will be able to access, run and edit your existing Query Studio reports through this legacy system. You can even write new Query Studio reports. However, we do not know how long IBM will maintain support for QS in this format, and we will not be training in Query Studio after the upgrade. We strongly encourage all report writers to create any new work in Report Author.

Workspace Advanced and Report Studio have been deprecated by IBM and will not be available after the upgrade. Any reports you have created in these tools will be converted so you can use them in Report Author.

As we approach Go-Live, we will develop curriculum for Report Author similar to the format we had for the other tools, beginning with a self-service “Basics” module and moving on to classroom sessions for more advanced features. With the decreased availability of computer lab space around campus, we are hoping to create more short self-service modules in the future, to allow users to advance at their own pace. Workspace Advanced and Report Studio users will have first priority in Report Author training during the upgrade process.

We are still finalizing this; however, details will be available at the Annual Budget kickoff webinar in September.

All users with an active Cognos account should be receiving out monthly e-news the last week of every month. The same list will be used to distribute upgrade-specific communications, like when we have training or news to share in a more timely fashion than once per month.

If you are not on our email list and would like to subscribe, click here to opt-in.

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