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Business Intelligence, or BI, is an information technology discipline focused on helping the university, schools and departments gather, analyze and present data effectively to answer questions relevant to their operations and success.

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Data dictionaries connect the user with a deeper understanding of the data in the warehouse - where the fields come from, what they mean, and what packages they can be found in.

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IBM Cognos Analytics software forms the foundation of BIDW work at WashU. Using the tools in the Cognos suite, you can write queries, run reports and analyze data to make the best decisions for your team.

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The BIDW team coordinates data governance: a framework of practices, rules and guidance for managing the ways we gather, store, manage and protect data.

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Download security forms and request access to the data you need.

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We’re building a community of practice for data warehouse customers and other users of university data on all campuses.

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Log into BIDW-supported reporting applications through the ONE portal, including Cognos, Faculty Financial Reporting and WUSM Financial Reporting.

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BIDW News & Announcements

Tableau versions compatible with university server

By becky.cowin on March 31, 2017

WashU’s Tableau server uses version 10.1.5 of the Tableau software. All current and potential users should be aware that in order to publish content to our Tableau server, you must be using T...

Secure university data, share responsibly

By becky.cowin on March 30, 2017

All users of university data have a responsibility to help keep that data secure. While some information in the data warehouse might be publicly available, such as data from the National Institutes...

How to Get Access to the New Clinical Datamart

By becky.cowin on March 22, 2017

BIDW connected the first clinical data to the data warehouse in February, and users of the IDX Billing and Accounts Receivable system can now request access. Due to HIPAA requirements, the Physicia...

VPN required for Cognos

By becky.cowin on February 27, 2017

Servers for the university data warehouse are located in the WUSTL Zone – a range of IP addresses that are protected with additional security and encryption features for sensitive information...