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Business Intelligence, or BI, is an information technology discipline focused on helping the university, schools and departments gather, analyze and present data effectively to answer questions relevant to their operations and success.

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Data dictionaries connect the user with a deeper understanding of the data in the warehouse - where the fields come from, what they mean, and what packages they can be found in.

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IBM Cognos Analytics software forms the foundation of BIDW work at WashU. Using the tools in the Cognos suite, you can write queries, run reports and analyze data to make the best decisions for your team.

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The BIDW team coordinates data governance: a framework of practices, rules and guidance for managing the ways we gather, store, manage and protect data.

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Download security forms and request access to the data you need.

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We’re building a community of practice for data warehouse customers and other users of university data on all campuses.

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BIDW News & Announcements

Adding Tableau to the Data Toolbox

By becky.cowin on January 27, 2017

As announced at the Data Users’ Group meeting on Jan. 20, WashU recently purchased licenses and a server for the data visualization software Tableau. We have not yet finalized the timeline fo...

Clinical data coming to the data warehouse

By becky.cowin on November 30, 2016

The first clinical data is on its way to the data warehouse. The project will bring data from the Billing & Accounts Receivable (BAR) system at the school of medicine into the warehouse for cli...

Cognos Tip of the Month: Reduce Credential Resets

By becky.cowin on September 28, 2016

Users who have scheduled reports in Cognos may be familiar with the sinking feeling one encounters when a scheduled report fails to run. This is often due to the user updating his or her WUSTL Key ...

WebFOCUS Survey Followup

By becky.cowin on September 28, 2016

BIDW contacted all WebFOCUS users this spring with a mandatory user survey. All users who did not respond to the survey should expect to receive a followup phone call in the next week. Users who co...