ONE aggregates key services and applications across WashU into a portal that helps you quickly find and access websites, systems and services. With its robust search capabilities, there’s no longer a need to remember or bookmark dozens of website URLs. With ONE, search, click, and you’re done.

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Shared IT Services Program

SITSprogram_featuredimgThe Shared Information Technology (IT) Services Program is a project to re-balance the information technology (IT) delivery model at Washington University in St. Louis by creating an infrastructure and service platform that facilitates the seamless sharing of information and positions the university for strategic advancement.

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Administrative Systems Replacement Roadmap

AdminSystems_featuredimgRecognizing that our current administrative systems are generally old and difficult to maintain, the Washington University IT Governance Administrative Domain is developing a roadmap to replace these with newer technology that improve data quality and analytics, efficiency and reliability while also providing modern features such as mobile access and integrated workflows.

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