Order a New Computer, Accessories, or Hardware Move

If you pick up a loaner or a new laptop to use for telecommuting, you need to log on to it before you leave campus. Otherwise, you will need to contact support to log in your first time.

The WashU IT Depot team has a limited number of loaner laptops that are available for departments to requests on behalf of their staff. Due to the limited quantity, we are allowing up to 3 loaner laptops per area at this time until our supply is exhausted. Please submit a request to ITHelp@wustl.edu with the number of loaners you need and who they will go to.

Additional laptop and equipment needs must be procured via purchase through a ServiceNow request. The Depot team has ordered a number of standard laptops to fulfill purchase requests that will be arriving in the coming week(s) to assist with providing staff a work from home option.

These steps will walk you through how to order a new computer, laptop, or tablet (PDF).

Follow these directions if you only need to order computer accessories (PDF) such as a new keyboard, mouse, or laptop bag.

There are also directions for when you need to have hardware moved (PDF).

Find your question in the list of FAQ below, or view and print all of the questions and answers from this PDF: Customer Q&A about ServiceNow Hardware Forms.

Standard Orders coming from Depot Stock: After Checkout, the items and price will be sent to your department budgetary approver to approve. Once approved, the Depot will fulfill the request. After installation with the customer, IT Admin will send an ID invoice through AIS for payment.

Custom Orders: After the customer agrees on a custom order quote, the quote is sent on to their department budgetary approver for approval. Once approved, the Depot will submit this quote in Marketplace through a Requisition. It will automatically route to their department to adjust details such as ledger, fund, etc. Once they update this and submit, a PO is generated to the vendor. Upon shipment of the item, the vendor will send an invoice to that department for payment.

The IT Depot typically fulfills requests within 1-3 business days after the order has been approved by their department. Some items may require a Deskside Technician to assist with installation. A Deskside Technician will be made aware of the request and will contact you to schedule an install appointment.

After your department approves the request, fulfillment times vary based upon the vendor, item and their current inventory. Typically, it takes 2-8 weeks for these items to be delivered.

Almost all orders are delivered to a local tech hub. A Field Tech will contact the customer to schedule an appointment for installation. The Field Tech will bring the equipment with them during the installation appointment.

There are certain situations that require delivery of orders to fall outside of this process for each campus. Some examples include outlying buildings/clinics in which the Depot or a courier will deliver the items directly to the customer. A local Field Tech will be made aware of the delivery and coordinate with the customer to schedule and installation appointment.  

There is an option to select “Other” during the ordering guide that will prompt you to submit additional information on what you are requesting. The IT Depot will receive this info and work with you to provide a customized quote.

Several factors can affect the final price. However, equipment from IT Depot stock is usually much cheaper than an identical unit on the vendor’s site. The IT Depot regularly negotiates pricing on popular models and purchases in bulk, which provides a sizeable discount.

We live in an environment where IT technology can change very rapidly. It is often discovered that new equipment is not compatible with existing or older equipment. The IT Depot keeps several types of accessories and adapters in stock that may be able to bridge this compatibility gap or upgrade the rest of your existing equipment. The Deskside Technician should be able to assist you with understanding what is needed to make your new equipment compatible. It can then be ordered through a New Hardware Request.

Yes! The 24” Standard Monitors in IT Depot stock are all Epic compliant.

WashU has a single-source purchasing agreement with Dell to be our sole-provider for Windows based devices. Apple is our main vendor for all Mac based devices.

Yes. However, due to our single-source purchasing agreement, there must be a business case made for the equipment and it will need to gain additional approvals. The IT Depot can assist with this process, but usually they can find a comparable Dell or Apple device suitable for your needs.

Typically cheaper means you are also giving up performance and security. It also may not be compatible with the WashU environment. Please consult with the IT Depot before ordering any equipment from an outside vendor.

All computers and laptops are purchased with a standard 3-year warranty from the manufacturer. Tablets typically come with a 1-year warranty. Please consult with the IT Depot for warranties on specific accessories.

The IT Depot can assist with creating a custom order with a different warranty type/length. Sometimes the IT Depot can extend the warranty on an existing item in their stock. This option may be cheaper than creating a custom order.

The IT Depot analyzed all computer equipment purchased by WashU from Dell and Apple over the past several years. Based upon this analysis and the minimum requirements to be supported by WashU IT, these selections were discovered to be the most popular and the most reliable.

Yes. As technology and the WashU environment changes, so will the selections. The IT Depot regularly works with all of WashU and our main vendors to analyze ordering trends and upcoming model changes. These selections will be updated based upon the best fit for the majority of our customers.

Please call the Service Desk at 314-933-3333 and they will assist you.

When selecting your option(s), there is a space to input additional questions that the IT Depot will review and contact you to discuss.

For questions directed to the IT Depot, please email ITDepot@wustl.edu

The IT Depot will review the request to see if it is in scope with our offered services. The IT Depot can move up to a maximum of 5 computers per request. If there is a need to move more than 5 computers, your department will need to arrange the move with a courier service. If within scope of our offered services, the IT Depot and/or a Field Tech will contact the customer to arrange a time/date to complete the move.

You can view the status of your request as it progresses through the Service Now request. If you need more detailed information, the IT Depot can provide more insight as to the current status of your request.

Please select an option that most closely resembles what you are trying to order, then select “Custom” or “Other” in the remaining fields and provide detailed information where prompted. The IT Depot will contact you to determine if the item is something that can be ordered by the IT Depot. They will then work with you on a custom quote for you.