Who manages ONE?
Washington University Information Technology (WashU IT) manages ONE.

Is ONE mandatory?
No, it is not mandatory. However, usage is highly recommended for a smoother, customized user experience.

How do Tasks appear in the Most Popular category?
The “Most Popular” category ranks Tasks based on how often they are opened by ONE users. These metrics are typically refreshed after a 7-day period.

When do I need my WUSTL Key?
You will only need your WUSTL Key when you click on a Task that requires it. ONE is accessible to the public and not all Tasks will require log in with a WUSTL Key. A WUSTL Key login does, however provide you a more customized experience.

Can I add my own Tasks?
No. You can favorite the Tasks you use most so they are pinned to the top of the page at all times.  However, you cannot add your own Tasks.

Does this site bypass WashU 2FA authentication?
No. When accessing HRMS (and soon AIS) from ONE outside of the campus network, you will still be required to complete two-factor authentication with Duo.

I only see a dozen Tasks on the home page?
The site promotes a search-and-find approach rather than a menu-driven browsing hierarchy or a long list of links to choose from. Search what you are looking for to display appropriate results.

Is there a mobile app for this site?
The site is mobile-responsive but there is currently no ONE mobile app.

Is it included in WashU’s mobile app?
No, ONE is not included in WUSTL Mobile at this time.

Why can’t I find the technology service I’m looking for in ONE?
The initial launch focuses on technology, administrative, and financial services and applications with a plan to continually add services on an ongoing basis. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Let us know what we should add next. Contact us at with suggestions.