Sending Large Files

Office 365 limits the size of each email to 100 MB.  If sending messages through Outlook Web Access (OWA), each individual attachment has a 25 MB maximum.  If you need to send files larger than these limits, follow the instructions below to deliver the file through the WUSTL Box system:

  1. Login to WUSTL Box using your WUSTL Key at
  2. Drag-and-drop the file onto your WUSTL Box file view area and wait for the file to finish uploading
  3. Next to the uploaded file, click the “More Options” (small triangle) button and select “Share”
  4. On the sharing window:
    • Under the “Access” drop-down, select “People in your company”
    • Under the “Set Link Expiration” menu, select a link expiration if desired
  5. Copy the generated Link, and then click the “Close” button
  6. Send the link via email to your intended recipient(s)


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