Email Client Setup: iOS

    1. Open the Settings app
    2. Tap Mail, Contacts, and Calendars
    3. Tap Add Account
    4. Select Microsoft Exchange and then enter the following information:
      • Email:
        • If your WUSTL Key username matches the first part of your email address, enter:
        • If your WUSTL Key username differs from the first part of your email address, enter:
      • Description:Leave as Exchange or change to WUSTL Email
    5. Tap Next
    6. Tap Sign In
    7. You should be redirected to the Wustl Connect page. Enter your Wustl Key and Password.  Tap the Login button.
    8. At the IOS Accounts prompt, Tap Accept
    9. Select which services you want to sync with your WUSTL account.
      Note: if you choose to sync calendars or contacts, you may be asked whether you wish to keep your existing calendars and contacts. If you do not select Keep Contacts or Keep Calendars, the contacts and calendars previously stored on your iOS devices will be permanently erased.
    10. Once you have selected the services you want to use, tap Save

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