Introduction to the Infoblox IPAM System

To log into the main production system use any modern web browser and go to the URL:​

Log in with your username and password.

The first screen presented is the dashboard. Most of the content can be customized by the end user and will be saved to an individual user profile. Selecting the Add Content button allow the user to add additional windows. Selecting the Settings (gear) or X in the upper right corner of the individual windows will customize or remove the windows (all noted with red arrows below).

All screens have a help menu, which is accessed by selecting the Blue Question mark in the upper right corner:

The help menu can be expanded out in a few different ways. Expanding out the Help+ will display contextual help for the screen currently selected. The Documentation+ will give you the ability to download the entire software manual for the current Infoblox operating environment.

Menus that are accessed often can be bookmarked by selecting on the Star with a + sign. Once bookmarked, they can be accessed from any screen by using the Bookmarks menu on left hand side.

This is an introduction to the basic system. Each individual user should only have access to the resources for which they are responsible. Feel free to click around and familiarize yourself with the system.

There are typically multiple ways to perform the same operation within Infoblox. This tutorial will show you the easiest way to perform a given task. If you find a different, or better way, to perform a task please feel free to use it.