Box: WUSTL Box and OneDrive

With the completion of email migrations to Office 365, current faculty staff and students have access Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage offering.

The functions of OneDrive are similar to those provided by WUSTL Box.  WUSTL Box and One Drive are both HIPAA and FERPA compliant.

While WUSTL Box is the most heavily used cloud file storage and collaboration service at Washington University, you may be interested in using OneDrive in some cases. The table below gives a quick overview to help you compare the 2 services:

Approved Cloud Storage Options:  WUSTL Box  One Drive
Simple sharing and collaboration with people outside of the University  X
Total available storage  Unlimited  1TB
Maximum individual file size  15GB 15GB
Simple workflows for transferring content when someone leaves the University  X
Ability to access all content as a local folder in Windows and Mac OS  X
Automatic integration with Office desktop apps and Office Web Apps X
Live collaboration on MS Office documents via the web  X  X
Edit Office documents in iOS and Android mobile apps  X  X