lft.wustl.edu functions in Box

With the decomission of the WashU Large File Transfer service (lft.wustl.edu), WashU IT is providing the following instructions on how to securely deliver large files to external collaborators who do not have Box accounts:

  1. Login to the WUSTL Box web app.
  2. Upload a new file or create a new folder that you intend to transmit to your external collaborator.
  3. Next to the file or new folder, click the Share button then click the Enable shared link slider button.
  4. Next click “Invited people only” and change this value to “People with the link”
  5. Next click “Link Settings” and enable Require password. This password should be shared in a separate communication from your email containing the shared link.  
  6. Click Save
  7. You can now copy the shared link and paste it into your email client or use the send shared link option (envelope icon) in box to send the link to your intended recipient. This option allows easy download for non-BOX user enabled recipients.

Note: If you know your recipient is already a BOX user you might choose to use the Invite People field.