Box Sync

Box Sync allows you to keep your files synchronized between your computer, your mobile device, and the Box website. The desktop OS versions also allow you to access your Box files while offline.  To get started with Box Sync, click the button for your platform below to download the appropriate Box Sync app.

Important notes about Box Sync:

  • Box Sync downloads copies of your Box files from the cloud and stores them locally on your computer in a “Box Sync” folder.
  • Box Sync is not recommended for syncing large shared folders (folders with over 20GB or over 10 collaborators) as it may take up too much hard drive space or suffer from poor performance.
  • Box Sync only copies files that are in the root directory of your Box account and folders that you mark to sync using the Box web app.
  • If someone adds you as a collaborator on a folder, it will not show up in your “Box Sync” folder on your computer unless you login to the Box web app and mark the folder to sync
  • If you are storing HIPAA or FERPA protected data in your Box account, you should only install Box Sync on devices that have local disk encryption enabled.  If you are unsure if your computer has local disk encryption, please contact your local IT support desk.

To get started with using the Box Sync, take the following steps:

  1. Download and install Box Sync from this Box Download Page
  2. Run the Box Sync installer and complete the installation process
  3. Open the Box Sync and when prompted to login, click Use Single Sign On (SSO)
  4. Enter your email address (Note: do not use your department email address such as
  5. Click “Log In”
  6. When prompted, enter your WUSTL Key username and password

To mark a folder in your WUSTL Box account to sync, take the following steps:

  1. Login to your WUSTL Box account on the web
  2. Navigate to the folder you want to sync
  3. Next to the folder, click the More Options button, then click More Actions, then click Sync