CRM Virtual Focus Groups

CRM conducts virtual focus groups to determine customer needs, expectations, and product improvement direction.

Each focus group is relevant to (1) A new process, (2) Technology WashU IT is looking to implement at the university, (3) A change being made to an existing service.

The focus groups often utilize WashU IT’s Skype for Business, which is part of the Office 365 Suite of services. At times, there may be other means used to garner feedback such as brief emailed surveys.They are typically no longer than a  20-minute virtual meeting. Participants can call in or join the Skype for Business meeting session via their computer to view the new changes, processes or services and provide valuable feedback that helps to ensure user-friendliness.

Interested in participating in our virtual focus groups? Submit your information below to be added to our invite distribution list.

CRM Virtual Focus Group Email Invite List