CRM Customer Roster

Scroll our customer roster and see who you should contact in your department to get in touch with CRM. We can help you find the IT resources and contacts you need for your project, problem, or question.

Unit Unit IT Liaison Customer Relationship Manager
560 Music Center Bess Moynihan Candace Jarrett
Alumni and Development Mike Alaly Sonia Francis
Anatomy and Neurobiology Tami Evans Sonia Francis
Arts and Sciences Ken Keller Sonia Francis
Athletics Andrew Koch Selena Moncrief
Biology Francis Thuet Selena Moncrief
Board of Trustees Ida Early Selena Moncrief
Brown School of Social Work Ben Geers Candace Jarrett
Campus Life Jeff Allen
Steven Harowitz
Eric Suiter
Candace Jarrett
Career Center  Aimee Wittman Sonia Francis
Chemistry Chris Thuet Selena Moncrief
College Prep Courtney Brewster Selena Moncrief
Commencement Jennifer Kraus-Smith Selena Moncrief
Common reader Ben Fulton Candace Jarrett
Cornerstone: The Center for Advanced Learning Kathy Atnip Candace Jarrett
Danforth Center on Religion & Politics Sheri Pena Sonia Francis
Department of Medicine Steve Reynolds Sonia Francis
Developmental Biology Lise Westfall Candace Jarrett
Dining Services Joyce Markowski Sonia Francis
Edison Theater Bill Larson Candace Jarrett
Emergency Medicine Darlene Huebner Sonia Francis
Environmental Health & Safety Tracy Whitfield Selena Moncrief
Ervin Scholars Sonia Francis
Facilities Management Karen Siefert Sonia Francis
Facilities Planning & Management Brad Averbeck Sonia Francis
Faculty Practice Plan Jay Albertina Sonia Francis
Finance – WUSM Candace Jarrett
Financial Services and the CFO Tom Herweck
Kathryn Anderson
Candace Jarrett
First Year Center Katharine Pei Sonia Francis
Genetics Cherie Moore Sonia Francis
Gephardt Institute for Civic and Community Engagement Kitty Conroy Selena Moncrief
Government and Community Relations Charlene Buckley Candace Jarrett
Human Research Protection Office (HRPO) Marth Jones Sonia Francis
Human Resources Lisa Caress
Amanda Pope
Candace Jarrett
Institute for Public Health Anna Mazzuca Selena Moncrief
Investment Management Company Sean Arp Selena Moncrief

Unit Unit IT Liaison Customer Relationship Manager
Joint Office of Strategic Planning Kimberly Bradford
Janice Renfro
Candace Jarrett
McDonnell Genome Institute Lucinda Antonacci-Fulton Sonia Francis
McDonnell International Scholars Academy Kristin Williams
Carla Koberna
Candace Jarrett
Neurology Sherie Farber
Travis Glaspie
Candace Jarrett
Neurosciences Tami Evans Sonia Francis
Nursery School Nikki Scheele Selena Moncrief
Occupational Therapy Bill Bauer Selena Moncrief
Office for International Students and Scholars Kathy Steiner-Lang
Jeanne Pizarro
Candace Jarrett
Office of Medical Student Education Kelly Noll Sonia Francis
Office of the Chancellor Sue English Sonia Francis
Office of the EVC of Administraton Richard Payton Selena Moncrief
Office of the Provost Lisa Siddens Candace Jarrett
Office of the University Registrar Sue Hosack Selena Moncrief
Office of the Vice Chancellor and General Counsel Lisa Wood Candace Jarrett
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Operations and Technology Transfer Kimberly Orf Candace Jarrett
Office of the Vice Provost Jill Edwards Candace Jarrett
Olin Business School – Administration Dorothy Kittner Selena Moncrief
Olin Business School – Student Affairs and Strategic Initiatives Paige LeRose Selena Moncrief
Olin Library Mark Sellan Selena Moncrief
Operations Paul Schimmele Selena Moncrief
Ophthalmology Josh Anderson Sonia Francis
Orthopedic Surgery Ron Faulbaum Sonia Francis
Otolaryngology Brian Faddis Sonia Francis
Parking and Transportation Services Nicholas Stoff Candace Jarrett
Pathology Mike Isaacs Sonia Francis
Pediatrics Angela Mayer Sonia Francis
Physical Therapy Joe Klaesner Selena Moncrief
Program in Audiology and Communication Sciences (PACS) Beth Elliott Selena Moncrief
Psychiatry Cindy Smith Candace Jarrett
Public Affairs – Danforth Galen Harrison Sonia Francis
Quadrangle Housing Sandi Lamanna Selena Moncrief
Radiation Oncology Chris Thuet Sonia Francis
Radiology Laura Parli Sonia Francis
Real Estate Mary Dillender Selena Moncrief
Research Administration Joe Gindhardt Sonia Francis
Residential Life Joyce Markowski Sonia Francis
Resource Management Greg Mosley Selena Moncrief
ROTC Gary Lee Selena Moncrie

Unit Unit IT Liaison Customer Relationship Manager
Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts Enrique Von Rohr Candace Jarrett
School of Engineering & Applied Science William Fisher Selena Moncrief
School of Medicine Admissions Cole Schulte Selena Moncrief
School of Medicine Registrar Tom Evola Selena Moncrief
Siteman Cancer Center Karen Kharasch Sonia Francis
Student Financial Services Mike Runiewicz Selena Moncrief
Student Health Services Debra Beck
Patrick O’Leary
Candace Jarrett
Student Life Ray Bush Candace Jarrett
Surgery Jamie Sauerburger Sonia Francis
The Teaching Center Liz Peterson Selena Moncrief
Treasury Services Connie Bradford Selena Moncrief
Undergraduate Admissions  Kim Selle Sonia Francis
University Police Department Kelly Napier Selena Moncrief
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs James Parker Sonia Francis
Washington University Law Eva Ostrow Sonia Francis
WASHU IT Jennifer Stedelin Selena Moncrief
Whittemore House Jessica Lepage Selena Moncrief
Writing Center Steven Pijut
Robert Patterson
Candace Jarrett