About the Shared IT Services Initiative

The Shared Information Technology (IT) Services Program is an initiative designed to re-balance the information technology (IT) delivery model at Washington University in St. Louis by creating a shared infrastructure and end user computing service platform that facilitates the seamless sharing of information and positions the university for strategic advancement.

Trends in technology, research, healthcare and higher education have increased the demand for advanced technology capabilities. It is essential that we create a technology environment that can support these trends and meet the expectations of our end users.

We have engaged university stakeholders and partners in a plan to change our approach to IT and deliver high quality common services across the university, providing a solid foundation for our clinical, academic, and research missions. 

  • Simple, easy to use service
  • Seamless access from anywhere at anytime
  • Consistent support and computing experience
  • Adherence to University security requirements and visibility into compliance
  • Documented Service Level Expectations and the ability to measure against them
  • Improved opportunities and tools for collaboration
  • Self-service tools to meet the need of independent users

  • Improve IT service quality for WashU end users
  • Provide an enabling infrastructure for innovation
  • Significantly improve our clinical, academic and research IT services
  • Re-balance our IT delivery model
  • Improve communication, collaboration and technical abilities Improve accessibility
  • Reduce redundancy in common technologies and applications
  • Increase focus on university mission

The Shared IT Services Program launched in January of 2015 with four projects aimed at the core mission to unify and simplify consuming and providing technology at WashU.

  1. IT Service Management
  2. WUSM Email Consolidation Project
  3. User Services Integration Project
  4. Shared Infrastructure Project

Unit Representatives (Unit Reps) carry the trust of their Dean, Chair, Director or Vice Chancellor and the respect of their colleagues. Unit Representatives bring to bear strong communication skills; relationships with faculty and staff; and relationships with campus peers. Each Unit Representative brings a deep understanding of his or her unit and constituents, as well as a perspective on the changes and challenges we face together as a university. As a group, the Unit Representatives look ahead to important organizational and transition issues associated with the new IT services.

Read more about the Unit Reps, view meeting dates, agendas and presentations, and view the group roster here.