Project Summary

WashU IT has replaced the software behind Bear Bucks transactions to Atrium Connect to ensure the continued service for meal plans and Bear Bucks.

As a result, how students, faculty, and staff add funds to their accounts, check account balances, and manage their Bear Bucks account has changed.

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Bear Bucks Account Management Changes

All Bear Bucks users will be affected by this change: students, faculty, and staff.

  • Students, faculty, and staff will manage Bear Bucks by signing into Atrium Connect using their WUSTL Key.
  • Faculty and staff will not be able to add points through payroll, although the payroll charge option will remain.
  • The user interface of the PaperCut print management software will display the user’s Bear Bucks balance in addition to the regular balance. This change does not affect PaperCut’s functionality, and students will not be charged against their Bear Bucks account when printing through the application. 
  • NOTE: Physical cards will not have to be replaced as a result of this change, and account balances were NOT affected by this initiative. Account balances were transferred from the previous to the new system as part of the replacement effort.  

Card Functionality Changes

  • Bear Bucks is available at all on-campus dining establishments and campus stores.
  • On all campuses, Coca-Cola vending machines will operate as cash-only machines, not accepting Bear Bucks or any other type of card payment. WashU IT and the Campus Card Services office are working with the vendor to resume this functionality, and changes in payment method will be communicated.
  • Evaluation continues for our software system that allows the use of Bear Bucks with off-campus merchants. While in review, Bear Bucks will not be available at any off-campus Bear Bucks merchants including CVS (Clayton Road) and United Provisions.
  • Any changes in functionality will be communicated to all users with related instructions.

This project was completed on June 17, 2023, and this webpage will be retired on October 27, 2023. Users trying to access the page will be redirected to the Campus Card Services website.


What changes for me with the system replacement?

Loading funds to the account and checking account balances will be different for all current users with the new system. Students will no longer use WebSTAC, and faculty and staff will not be able to load funds through payroll. The payroll charge option for faculty and staff will not change.
Bear Bucks is currently unavailable at off-campus partners and at on-campus Coca-Cola vending machines.

What is the difference between the Bear Bucks charge feature and adding funds via payroll? (Faculty and Staff ONLY)

Bear Bucks charge feature allows you to swipe your card to make purchases that will then be deducted from your next payroll.

The current option of adding funds via payroll deduction in a declining balance account will no longer available. You may add funds to the declining balance(Bear Bucks) account using a credit card online. More info to follow on instructions.

How do I add funds to my Bear Bucks account through the GET portal? (Faculty and Staff ONLY)

The GET portal was retired as a result of the system replacement. All Bear Bucks users will manage their Bear Bucks accounts through Atrium Connect.

How will I learn how to load funds and check balances in the new system?

You can access the Atrium Connect User Guide and learn how to load funds and check balances in the new system by following the instructions on the guide.

What happened to the funds I already have in my Bear Bucks account?

You did NOT lose any funds. Your account balance was transferred over to the new system.

Why am I getting an error when swiping my card for on-campus purchases?

If you are a faculty or staff member and did not have a balance to migrate into Atrium, your charge account was not established. In this case, go to Atrium Connect and set up an account again.

Will I need to get a new card?

No, your current card will work normally after the system replacement.

When was the system replaced?

The replacement happened between 7:30 p.m. (CDT) on June 15 and 11:59 p.m. (CDT) on June 17. We chose these dates during summer to minimize the risks for students and found an alternative to accommodate dining services to our summer groups during the replacement.

Who can users contact if their cards stop working?

Users can contact Campus Card Services at or by calling (314) 935-8800.

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