Our Mission

To deliver an integrated, responsive, and secure technology environment that advances and supports exceptional learning, research, innovation, and patient care.

Our Vision

  • Deliver the right IT services to the right communities from the right providers
  • Promote a ‘customer’ service approach to support
  • Create a common, robust infrastructure across the institution
  • Enable rapid, seamless execution of IT services
  • Develop intentional design through IT governance
  • Build a diverse, collaborative team of IT experts

Our Values

Empowered by Knowledge

We understand that knowledge empowers people. As information technology professionals, we deal in knowledge in many ways. We develop the digital environment enabling access to knowledge that facilitates learning, research, innovation and world-class patient care. Through professional development opportunities, we acquire the skills and experiences that make us experts in our field. Our passion leads us to information that helps us anticipate technology trends and proactively plan for them, ultimately allowing us to satisfy emerging customer expectations. And our understanding of our collective goals and our individual responsibilities allows us to work efficiently and effectively toward the continuous improvement of our IT structure. As members of the Washington University information technology services community, we are empowered with the information needed to make a difference. And through technology, we empower the Washington University community to do the same.

Customer Perception is Reality

Perception is everything. We accept that our ability to meet and, in some cases, exceed the customer service level expectations we establish shapes our identity. We believe that living our core values, using them to guide our decisions and development, helps us consistently deliver great, timely service. We encourage feedback and embrace criticism as opportunities for improvement. We uphold these service qualities when engaging with customers and partners. To provide service excellence, we create and support open, honest dialogue; acknowledge critique and/or varied perspectives; develop and nurture trusting partner relationships; and deliver on our commitments.

We Run the Day (It Doesn’t Run Us)

We are purposeful about what we do. Understanding that technology is vital to the way we operate and that our customers expect timely delivery and support, we believe that prioritizing objectives is necessary for proactive planning. It is essential to maintaining the focus and stability needed to complete tasks efficiently. Through IT governance, we identify strategic projects, anticipate demand management, determine resource allocation and conduct incident response preparation. We maintain a healthy balance of strategic projects and less tactical work within the workflow process. We are transparent in communicating IT strategy and priorities, and we set expectations with customers and partner. When faced with unforeseen challenges, we decide if it fits into our strategic plan.

The Power of ‘We’

We work to create and support an environment that attracts the best and the brightest talent. It is the passion, experiences and varied skills of our talented staff that propel us toward shared achievement. In recognizing and encouraging the strength of individuals within our IT community, we also acknowledge that leveraging these individual strengths to advance collaborative efforts is the most effective way to achieve our goals. Through collaboration, we can explore topics from different perspectives and achieve tasks efficiently. None of us is as smart as all of us.* We strive to maintain an organizational structure that promotes collaboration, partnering, healthy debate and integrated workflow processes. We support this structure with technology that enables collaboration; open-door policies where we encourage questions and feedback at all levels; and performance metrics that reward teamwork.

Work Smart. Celebrate Often.

We continually strive to create an environment that promotes the theory of working smart. We do this in many ways. We hire bright, passionate, motivated people from diverse backgrounds. We encourage and support professional development. We create an environment where dialogue, curiosity, critique and feedback are encouraged. We work to ensure all within our IT community understand their roles, responsibilities, and what is expected of them. We develop and communicate strategic plans to stay focused on our collective goals. We believe this enables efficiency in our work processes. We don’t measure staff on the number of hours worked but instead on the value of their accomplishments. We acknowledge individual and collective accomplishments with sincere appreciation and celebration.