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What’s happening in EUS: A New Beginning for the WashU IT Service Desk

Submitted by Lisa Jordan

The WashU IT Service Desk has some exciting news to share!

  • We have added some new leadership and new roles to our organization.
  • We are excited to start a new hybrid work model

Organizational Changes:

Operations Supervisors:  The Service Desk now has two supervisors who will be over-seeing the day-to-day work at the Service Desk. Nick Lowre and Carissa Braddy have filled these two positions.

  • Nick Lowre has been with the University for 4 years. He started as a Technical Support Specialist and worked his way up to Sr. Technical Support Specialist and then onto Technical Lead. He brings a wealth of institutional knowledge and technical skill to his new role.
  • Carissa Braddy is brand new to the University. Her first day was 5/23/2022.  She joins us from Stifel where she worked her way up from the phones to their Team Lead and overseeing their day-to-day Service Desk operations. Carissa’s six years of IT experience bring a fresh perspective to our Service Desk.

Training and Quality Specialist:  This is a brand new role to the Service Desk that will focus on new hire training, on-going technician training, and coaching to ensure our customers are getting consistent and accurate support. Cat Wade has been chosen to fill this role.

  • Cat Wade started as a time-limited phone technician and has worked her way up through the ranks here at the Service Desk. Cat has been with the Service Desk for 2 years and has had many opportunities to put her training and coaching skills to good use. Cat brings a team-focused and positive energy to the team.

Customer Service and Documentation Coordinator:  This is also a brand new role to the Service Desk that will focus on documenting processes and procedures, customer service, and coaching to enhance the overall customer experience. Raoul Watkins has been moved into this role.

  • Raoul Watkins will be celebrating his third year here at the University in July. He worked as a Technical Support Specialist until he was moved into his new role. Raoul brings attention to detail as well as superb customer service skills to his new role.

Service Desk Organizational Chart:

Service Desk prepares to go Hybrid:

The Service Desk is excited to welcome our team back to the office in a hybrid work model. 

  • Our technicians will be returning to work on campus on a 5-week rotation – one week in the office, four weeks at home.
  • Service Desk Leadership will be working on campus 3 days a week.

We are very excited to start this new chapter and getting the team back into the office!