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Meet Your STS Team: Earl Banez, Operations Supervisor

Student Technology Services (STS) welcomes Earl Banez, who joined the team as a full time member February. Earl has come to STS from a position within the Olin Business School as an SMP Academic Advisor for 3 years and Senior PC Technician for over 15 years.

Name: Earl Banez

Hometown: St. Louis

Position: Operations Supervisor

How long have you been with STS? 9 weeks

What is an interesting skill that you’ve learned at STS?

3d Printing, we don’t have this setup at Olin.

What would you say culture at STS is like?

Love the family atmosphere

What hobbies do you have outside of STS?

I do a lot, I don’t like sitting indoors so most of the time I am outdoors.

Fun Fact:

I used to play professional paintball and we made it to the World Cup in Orlando

If you had to choose a celebrity to have a meal with, who would it be?

Bill Murray, because he would hate the fact that I am St. Louis Cardinals fan (He has called us the Devils) since he is a devout Cubs fan.

Thank you Earl, for being an invaluable member of the WashU IT team. Be sure to say hello to Earl if see him around WashU Campuses!