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Enterprise Applications Accomplishments – April 2022

Submitted by Veleria Boaten

DomainProject TitleProject SummaryProject TeamImplementation Date
StudentEA-9825 – PBPM Slate to App2SIS IntegrationThis project deployed the Slate Data Pull application for Post Baccalaureate Pre-Medicine students for admissions purposes. Janet Deyarmin, Andrew Herbig, Amy Schroeder2/8/2022
SDM / Integrations EA-10729 – INT180 – Integration Break Fix – CC-2824 – SCTASK0158776 – ITIN Data CorrectionThere is an issue with the INT180 Taxa TR 1042S Payment Info Outbound integration where the ITIN number is not being properly transformed in the output file.Ben Dvorak2/8/2022
Enabling AppsEA-10968 – PPMO – Implement requested change by Maryville consulting group for Depot Optimization ProjectImprove customer experience and automate fulfillment process for the depot team.Troy Weatherburn2/9/2022
Lifecycle ManagementEA9570 – JOSP migration from SharePoint to SharePoint Online Migrating Joint Office of Strategic Planning (JOSP) SharePoint site to SharePoint online.David Lender2/10/2022
StudentEA-11152 – LLI: Cart Fixes for Spring Semester Client request to fix issues with the cart-based registration courses both
for enrolling and dropping courses for a population (facilitators and annual members) (undercharges, overcharges, missing transactions, missing credits/discounts, and incorrect scholarships on accounts)
Ted Hindes, Jason Kemmery, Thomas Hildebrand2/17/2022
SDM / Integrations EA-8811 – PAC – CC-1497 – INT275 PCR/My Soft Journals Inbound INT821 PCR FDM OutboundIntegration for new vendor. My soft replacement vendor is PCR. Integration (journals inbound)
that is a source system file swap from My Soft to PCR. There will be an outbound need for FDM to the vendor.
Corey Puckett2/17/2022
SDM / Integrations EA-10805 – CC-2847 – INT181 – Taxa – break/fix-SCTASK0160920“The “INT181 Taxa TR 1042S FICA Info Inbound” integration isn’t marking Non Resident Aliens (NRA) as “Apply to Worker Yes.”Ben Dvorak2/23/2022
StudentEA-10829 – VAM> PowerFAIDS 27.2 Version  UpgradeThis project serves as regularly scheduled release for PowerFaids.Karen Leingang, Bill Kleeschulte2/24/2022
SDM / Integrations EA-10396 – PAC – CC-1272 – EPIC Hospital billing INT806 Supplier Inbound INT807 Remittance OutboundThis integration loads orders from EPIC Hospital (HB) Billing to
Workday as Supplier Invoices with XXX as the supplier set up in Workday and replaces the clinical trial  integration.
Corey Puckett2/24/2022
Physical OperationsEA-9718 – Changes to MyIBC including code and Stored ProceduresThis project is the release of Sprints 3, 4, and 5 changes.  Includes visual enhancements, search enhancements, account for specialized equipment, etc. in the app. Sarah Everett, Chris Schmittling3/2/2022
StudentEA-9397 – Library Data Feed – Add New Data FieldsThis project added new data fields showing the name of  faculty member
for each section for both home and identity  course listings for the library feed. 
Thomas Hildebrand, Ted Hindes and Jeff Freeman3/3/2022
StudentEA-10427 Dropped courses not reflected in PowerFaidsThis project required changes to  DRA SISStuToPFStu. Also a database change to stored procedures was needed.Karen Leingang3/3/2022
Physical OperationsEA-8804 – Archibus System UpgradeThis project served as a significant upgrade for Space Management. Archibus has not been upgraded since 2016. Several security vulnerabilities will be addressed and new functionality.Carmanisha Edwards,
Derrick Weathersby,
Karen Drullat,
Michael Ahearn
University AdvancementEA-11730 – Update Stored Procedure Load_WPPIWDDN for Monthly Payroll Deduction process –Change stored proc Load_WPPIWDDN_File to use pipe delimited text file, instead of a PowerShell updated excel file due to RPT5973 update from Work Day.Darrin Hutchinson3/10/2022
Physical OperationsEA-11127 – Parking & Transportation: Update View for T2 Flex ApplicationFor the Spring semester only ‘current’ housing bookings were being pulled into T2.
An update to a database view to include ‘future’ housing bookings for parking assignments was needed to correct this issue.
Thomas Hildebrand, Kristina Karrenbrock3/17/2022
SDM / Integrations
EA-7926 – PF2: Federal Work Study Earnings Integration –  Workday HCM to PF (Workday CC-1001 – INT182The SDM integration team made integration to pick up a federal work study file  that was needed for Student Financial Services to properly manage federal work study earnings. This project automated the process to retrieve the file generated out of Workday and deliver the file to SFS for processing with the PowerFaids application. Ben Dvorak, Karen Leingang, Amy Schroeder3/17/2022
Physical OperationsEA 9860 Dining Services: Replace Dining Cash RegistersPCI Compliance Issues, part of the EA recommendations for technology next steps consistent with a long-term roadmap for the ID Production software and the Transactional software, requiring the replacement of (30-41) registers that are fragile and outdated by summer 2022. Terrence Cason, Bill Kleeschulte, Nguyen Pham3/18/2022
Enabling AppsEA-10776 Workday 22.1  – Marketplace Release 22.1 Upgrade – WorkdayThis project implemented 22.1 release. This update included a new, modernized user interface that includes a streamlined design for search, assist, help menus and Invoice confirmation  to deliver a more efficient and consistent user experience across all JAGGAER products.Oz Zakeri3/18/2022
SDM/IntegrationsEA-10636-CC-2786-INT818 AND INT817 CIC+ 1095-C OutboundNew integration likely for 1 year use to Send 1094-c and 1095-c data to AlightJanet McElroy3/22/2022
StudentEA-11189 – PAC – INT195 WDHRtoSIS – Feb 2022 UpdateTech Debt project needed to update INT195 WDHRtoSIS DRA to correct the following issues where corrections were done manually. Modify the DRA code to address duplicate records and employees with more than 1 active position.Kristina Karrenbrock, Igor Soyfer, Brian Railey3/30/2022
Student EA-6945 – PF: PEP Application Replacement (PF2)This is the second release of the PEP Replacement project, which is replacing the Financial Planning Comparison Worksheet accessed via This piece includes a public facing Parent Application form, along with a partial data migration, and some administrative system functions. Three releases are planned, with the final one being in May 2022.Kristina Karrenbrock,
Steve Sparks,
Andy Zaruba,
Stephen Doggette,
Brian Neary,
Emily Follman,
Ryan Phillips,
Bob Mendendez
HCM / FIN System RetirementEA-8741 – ePARS shift to Read-onlyThis project served as a planned step in the archiving of ePARS data to move it to a read only state. This is part of the plan for the HRMS / FIS System retirement and decommission activities.Marcus Files3/31/2022