Enterprise Applications

Recent EA Accomplishments- November 2, 2021

Submitted by Veleria Boaten

DomainTitleSummaryProject TeamImplementation Date
University AdvancementEA-9740 Modify Ruffalo Cody Export BIO file to correct bad formattingThis project corrected some formatting issues with the RNL Export files that we send to Ruffalo Cody for the Phonathon.  They are also requiring the files to be changed from text to csv format.  This impacts the University to make sure accurate and correct data is provided for the call campaigns to reach out to current and potential donors.Darrin Hutchinson10/5/21
StudentEA-4007 PBPM Integration Needs for the College OfficeThis project was necessary to accommodate the admissions process for the Post Baccalaureate Pre Medical Program that was formerly handled by University College. Amy Schroeder, Jane Sterling, Janet Deyarmin, Jeff Freeman, Karen Leingang, Ted Hindes10/7/21
EA-2953  MyDay: Replace SubAwards Application (Sprints 46 & 47 10-11-21)This deployment was the last implementation of the SUBS Replacement project under the MyDay Program. This effort has an immediate impact on the business process flow between the research community of WashU and research collaborators outside of the University. Dule Djurasevic, Karen Drullat, Steve Sparks, Andy Zaruba, Richard Pryzma, Veleria Boaten 10/11/21
StudentEA-9830  Add New Period of Enrollments to Current Award YearThis project was necessary to accommodate the new Period of Enrollment for the new business school online programs. Amy Schroeder, Janet Deyarmin, Karen Leingang10/14/21
WUSMEA-9218 (WUSM Diversity Office Collaboration Site Migration to SharePoint Online)Migrated the WUSM Diversity Office’s SharePoint 2013 site to SharePoint Online.
This insures their content will be available as we work to decommission the collaboration site farm.
Bill Bernickus, Andre Neal10/14/21
ResearchEA-8818 – Change legacy Research applications to display-onlyThis is the last cutover step for Research from legacy AIS to the new system. The legacy functions will remain available in real-only mode until June, 2022.Brett Blackwell, Janet McElroy10/19/21
StudentEA-10198  Modify Slate DRA to process Slate API call data fieldsThis project was necessary for correcting the integration between Undergraduate Admissions and Student Financial services for undergraduate applicant data. Karen Leingang,  Janet Deyarmin10/20/21
University AdvancementEA-8109 Central Files Document Repository Migration to ACR Migrated the document repository for Central Files to the Azure Content Repository with KnowledgeLake while preserving ADIS functionality. This project was a huge step towards decommissioning the on-premise ECM SharePoint 2013 farm.Bill Bernickus, David Lender, Josh Kelahan, Theresa Buchanan, KathyLaBarge,  Roger Portillo, Thomas Hildebrand10/25/21
University AdvancementEA-10189 Monthly Payroll Deduction updateThis project was necessary to utilize a payroll file that used to come from the old HRMS system and now is provided from Work Day. 
This impacts the University in the way gift donations are deducted from employees through payroll.
Darrin Hutchinson10/26/21
Human ResourcesEA-9996 – 2021 Tax ChangesThe 1099 form downloads typically only include entities with total payments over $600 for the calendar year.
For 2021, only the first 6 months are in the legacy system.
The >600 filter must be removed, so all 1099 payments are written to the files.
This data will be manually entered into Workday to be combined with totals from that system.
Brett Blackwell10/28/21
WUSMEA-3001 – Saturday Scholars fixes and Server MigrationThe project included corrections in the application used to manage the Saturday Scholars High School diversity program by the School of Medicine. Theresa Smallwood10/28/21
StudentEA-8911 – UA/SISDocs Document Repository MigrationMigrated the document repository for SISDocs and updated the SISDocs application to store/view documents in SharePoint Online. This project was another key part of the Phase Two on-premise ECM SharePoint 2013 farm retirement, following an earlier migration from KnowledgeLake on-premise to CloudAllison, Bill Bernickus, Josh Kelahan, Roger Portillo , Theresa Buchanan, Kathy LaBarge, Thomas Hildebrand