Faces of STS – Vinay Viswanathan

Submitted by Oana Jackson

Name: Vinay Viswanathan
Grade: Incoming Sophomore – Class of 2024
Major: Computer Science
Hometown: West Windsor, New Jersey
Position: Brookings STC – Lien and Gregg Houses

What is an important skill that you learned at STS?
How to think through any problem, because sometimes problems can be multi-faceted and it’s not always a clear-cut solution, so it’s always good to look through all the possible ones before starting.

Who is your favorite co-worker and why?
It’s between Martin and Peeti because they’re so nice and knowledgeable so it’s really easy to go to them for questions.

What are your favorite activities outside of STS?
Outside of STS, I’m on WashU Raas and Studio TESLA. I also like to play video games in my free time, go out with my friends, and chill outside when the weather is nice.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hopefully working at a tech company, surrounded by friends and family that I can trust and rely on.

What is your favorite piece of tech (that you may or may not own)?
Right now it’s probably the Polaroid Snap that Oana gave me, it’s really cool and makes for great memories!

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