How To: Creating Project Documentation within the EA PAC Folder

Submitted by Jennie Franke 

What is a PAC folder?
Enterprise Applications (EA) manages all final versions of project documentation within a Project Authorization Control (PAC) folder. The PAC folder includes all audit required documentation, as well as any additional documentation that the project team uses to ensure that the project scope is effectively delivered to our University customers. This includes:

– Customer request for work

– Business requirements

– Design documentation

– Testing documentation and user testing sign-off

– Implementation checklist

– Training plan, communication plan or other user-support documentation

Who is responsible for the PAC folder?
The project manager (PM) is ultimately accountable, but the entire team contributes documents that will need to be included here. (For changes without a PM, the AD is ultimately accountable, but again, the team is responsible for ensuring the required documentation is included).

Where is the PAC folder?

The PAC folder framework is housed within Confluence, under a space specific to each domain. Links to each domain PAC location can be found here (along with more detail around how to use the PAC folder framework).

How do I manage the documentation in the PAC folder?

Documents can be displayed within the PAC folder in several ways:

1. Content can be entered directly on the PAC folder page as text,

2. Documents can be embedded into the Confluence page, or

3. Links can be shared to other Confluence pages

(NOTE: we do not recommend linking to other sites such as BOX. The permissions may not be set to be accessible to the viewer).

For the 3rd option, creating content on a separate confluence page, be sure you create a sub-page to the PAC folder page. This ensures that the page shares a parent/child relationship with the PAC folder main page. This is typically how implementation checklists, TTO checklists, designs and other documents are created. Be sure you are on the main PAC folder page when creating your project documentation in Confluence. This will ensure that the Confluence template you select is created as a sub-page.

1. Navigate to the main PAC folder page in confluence.

2. Select the button next to create, with three dots.
Confluence Menu

3. Use the search bar to find and select the appropriate documentation template.

Why is this important to me?
EA is evolving, and with that evolution comes change (new staff, changing responsibilities, aligning expectations across systems, etc.). One thing we can do to smooth the transition is to ensure our support structure is solid. PAC folders are the backbone of our project structure, and if we ensure that they are well organized and have quality content, we ensure that the teams that rely on that documentation (Prod/Ops, Audit, future project team members) have an easier time finding the information they need.

Another Helpful Hint
One thing to point out is that user testing sign-off and user authorization are different items within the PAC folder. While they are often captured within the same email after testing is complete, they serve two different purposes:

User test script sign-off – all items have been tested and have passed testing.

User authorization – the users approve IT to move the change into production at the planned date and time.

Be sure that you have both articulated by our customer, whether in the same communication or separate.

More information
For more detailed training on PAC folders, please reference review this training presentation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your project or resource manager.