Windows 10 Feature Update

In an effort to keep computers secure in an environment with ever more sophisticated security attacks Microsoft will release an update to Windows 10, available through the Software Center for all computers within the Accounts domain, also referred to as migrated machines.  This update will keep computers safe from recent attacks and allows users to take advantage of new features and functionality.

Can I update my computer?

Computers which have been migrated to the Accounts domain are eligible for this update.
Please see the Frequently Asked Questions document to determine if you are eligible for this update.


When you visit software center, accessed through the start menu of your computer, you will note that a new update is available for Windows 10.

  • As a precaution, please copy any locally save files (files saved to your computer) to Box, SharePoint, OneDrive, or  While files are not normally lost during an OS upgrade there is a slight chance they may be affected.
  • Please download this update at your earliest convenience.
    Please reference the Windows 10 Update FAQs and Installation Instructions.
    You may notice a slight lag while the update is downloading and installing.
  • After the download and installation is complete, restart your computer.

This update will install automatically if you do not install it within 30 days of being available through Software Center.

Thank you for assisting our efforts to ensure the University’s IT environment is secure.

Have questions? Email or call us.
For urgent issues, please call us at (314) 933-3333.

We appreciate your patience as we enhance our services.