Shared IT Services Enters the Law School for Unit Migrations

The Shared IT Services (SITS) program continues to move forward. Unit migrations to SITS remains a top priority of the Office of the Chief Information Officer and Vice Chancellor of IT at Washington University in St. Louis.

Where is SITS currently?

Shared IT Services recently completed a number of migrating units, including Anesthesiology, Psychiatry, School of Engineering, and The Department of Surgery.

Currently, we are actively migrating Alumni and Development, Genetics, WUCA, and University Libraries. An additional 7 units have entered their Discovery phase in preparation for their migration dates; Radiology, Radiation Oncology, Molecular Microbiology, Law School, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, and Biostatistics. In this phase, a unit’s data is analyzed to help plan and prepare for their migration needs. You can see what kind of data is gathered during discovery here.

Where is SITS next?

SITS will continue with scheduled migrations on multiple campuses through the rest of 2019. This will occur on a mixed scheduling effort by 4 migration teams. The oncoming units ahead will be Faculty Practice Plan / Physician Billing and Human Resources. If we are heading to your workplace next, you can review our manual on “Preparing for the Move to Shared IT Services here.

Shared IT Statistics

The SITS Infrastructure team has reported 1,091 servers have migrated or retired from their legacy environment. The SITS Discovery team has reported 22,560 workstations discovered across all WUSTL campuses by Shared IT Services. In August, the overall SITS Migrated Workstation total surpassed 16,000 workstations successfully transitioned to the new modern technology environment. The number currently sits at 16,791 migrated workstations. To see what units have already migrated, check out the list  here.