Canvas Update

submitted by Julie Szaj, Performance Support Analyst

The WashU Canvas Project Team wrapped up Phases 2 and 3 of the Blackboard to Canvas project in the spring and summer 2019 semesters. Milestones included:

  • Utilizing Qualtrics to providing an online tool to help users decide the best alternative to Blackboard organizations
  • Migrating organizations and non-SIS courses from Blackboard into WashU tools such as Canvas, Learn@Work, Microsoft Teams, and Box.
  • Phasing out Blackboard as a tool for teaching
  • Moving courses taught in summer 2019 to Canvas
  • Creating a wizard to help users decide the best method to export content from Blackboard for future use
  • Providing ongoing training including office hours, drop-in labs, and demos

Communication was key throughout the spring and summer to keep users informed and engaged. Communication strategies included the Canvas Insider newsletter, informative email messages via Maestro, digital signs displayed on both campuses, and even an online, Summer Webinar Challenge in which participants that completed five Canvas webinars were eligible for a grand prize.

As we prepare for the fall 2019 semester and Phase 4 (project wrap-up) of the project, communications will continue as Blackboard will be retired on 12/31/19, and content needs to be migrated from Blackboard into Canvas. Other tasks for the fall include:  fall project wrap-up begins…transition to operations – post-governance team to transfer to project to operations

  • Continued training
  • Post project governance
  • Transition to operations
  • Encourage faculty and instructors to export data
  • Working on process with school admins for managing archives
  • Getting current batch of instructors/faculty prepared for this semester

For more information regarding the Blackboard to Canvas Project, visit the HelloCanvas website.