Enterprise Applications 2008 Server Mitigation Program Update

Submitted by Allison Grindon, IT Project Manager II, Enterprise Applications
Program Manager for EA 2008 Server Mitigation Program


Microsoft End of Support – SQL Server 2008 & Windows Server 2008

As most folks within WashU IT know, Microsoft ended support for SQL Server 2008 in early July.  Support for Windows Server 2008 will also end 1/14/2020. Microsoft will no longer support these products after the End of Support date, and the software will no longer receive security updates.

Ensuring up-to-date support for these Microsoft products is essential to the security and continued operation of Washington University’s critical administrative systems until they are replaced by MyDay or other system modernization projects.  This includes, but is not limited to the Alumni & Development Information System (ADIS), Administrative Information Systems (AIS), Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS), and Student Information Systems (SIS).

The 2008 Server Mitigation Program has been established to assure the continued support of these systems.  Enterprise Applications, in collaboration with Shared Infrastructure, is working with Washington University Business Partners through a hybrid approach to mitigate this risk.  The project team is utilizing a combination of retiring, migrating, or extending support for these servers and their applications.

Progress So Far
Enterprise Applications supports systems and applications utilizing over 180 servers across campus, with a total of 36 distinct applications impacted by the end of 2008 Support.  Since work on the Program began, the impact to 10 systems has been mitigated through upgrade, migration or retirement, including the major accomplishment of migrating the entire ADIS system to new hardware & VMs and upgrading its OS to Windows Server 2016.

Other efforts accomplished in the last 6 months include the retirement of the Adobe Connect “Train 2 Web” application and WebSpace.  Legacy servers in the Undergraduate Admissions system and the ServiceNow environment have also been retired.  The project team was also able to complete the upgrade of the lower environments of AISystem prior to the SQL 2008 end of support deadline, avoiding the $450,000 cost of purchasing extended SQL support for those servers.  VAM has also retired and/or upgraded several applications including WUAchieve, Odyssey, CCURE & SMS, just to name a few.

In Progress & Upcoming
Right now work is in progress on HRMS, Timelink, AISystem Production & the Archibus/OSIS Archive, with a total of 12 systems planned for mitigation by the end of 2019.  The team will also be working on the AIS WIKI, AutoSys Batch Servers, and the IS&T File/Print server which is tied to many of our night stream processes and responsible for all of our printing at North Campus.

The program is scheduled to run through FY21.

Team Effort
The overwhelming success of the program so far has been due to a team effort across WashU IT.  Enterprise Applications has been partnering with Shared Infrastructure, especially Platform Engineering, and Enterprise Engineering, with support from End User Services and the SOC to complete the work necessary to keep our systems current and supported.  The program is a great example of the Washington University IT “Power of ‘We’” value in action!