Shared IT Services Enjoys Halfway Project Completion Milestone

Shared IT Services (SITS) has been busy this summer migrating workstations across all WUSTL campuses. SITS continues in migrating Psychiatry, Surgery, McDonnell Genome Institute, GTAC, and the Office of Technology Management. SITS also continues the Discovery phase in Alumni and Development, University Libraries, Genetics, Radiology, and WUCA. In July, a temporary pause on migrations occurred due to an issue with our task sequence. This pause resulted in fewer machines being transitioned to Shared IT Services than expected. The WashU IT Engineering team has created a fix for this issue and migrations have resumed as planned.

A challenge was brought to the attention of the migration team that in some instances the task sequence was not functioning as anticipated. This could occur when a computer was not decrypted prior to migration, or when multiple storage drives were detected. The error caused a small number of computers to experience data loss, resulting in two data recovery efforts by the SITS Team. The recovery efforts were associated with computers with multiple storage drives and no network backup; one in Surgery and one in Anesthesiology.

The first recovery involved a single drive sent to our preferred vendor which was quickly identified to be unrecoverable. Washu IT maintained customer communication and involved members of leadership for process improvement. The second recovery effort is ongoing and involves two RAID arrays (total of four hard drives). A new recovery software was purchased for Engineering and they have since seen success in recovering the data. The SITS Team is currently maintaining customer communication and continues to follow up with Engineering on the recovery status. The instances of data loss prompted SITS Leadership to temporarily pause PC migrations to investigate the task sequence. PC transfers and Mac enrollments were not affected in this process. The overnight build team used additional downtime to assist the IT Depot with imaging at night. To minimize future risk of data loss, the task sequence was divided into a backup phase and a migration phase. Further, nightly build sheets and instructions were updated to reflect task sequence changes and prompting a more cautious approach to computers with multiple storage drives.

On July 9th, Shared IT Services celebrated their halfway to project completion in building 4480. The team celebrated with a summer treat from Half Baked Cookie Dough Company and enjoyed a couple of hours away from the project to celebrate their successes. Chris Kielt; CIO and Sharon Swan; Program Director, shared messages for the team of thanks and encouragement heading into the remainder of the Shared IT Services project.

Below are photo’s from the event: