You’re Invited! Tour Research Data Center-West With RIS

Submitted by Craig Pohl, Senior Director for Research Infrastructure Services


Research Infrastructure Services (RIS) operates Research Data Center West (RDC-W) at 222 Newstead. RDC-W houses the infrastructure that supports research and computing functions.

Some of what occupies RDC-W includes:

  • 83 racks of high-density high-performance computing infrastructure
  • 100Gb Infiniband and 40Gb ethernet and high-band width/low latency networks with WURN integration
  • 14PB of high-performance data storage
  • 10PB tape library and archive infrastructure with a high-performance transporter robot
  • 4,500 vCPU core cluster and planning an additional 5,000 CPU core and 500K CUDA core HPC system

RDC-W was the first “green” building on the School of Medicine’s campus and has received the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold status by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Running RDC-W requires daily review and monitoring of the whole facility. Kirk Brege of RIS, oversees on-site daily management and monitoring which includes daily walk-throughs, inspections, monitoring security, building mechanicals, and executing hardware deliveries and installations.

Come visit! Get a behind the scenes tour of RDC-W and see what it takes to maintain a facility that helps faculty get more research done faster.

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