Shared IT Services Spreads out across WashU Campuses

The Shared IT Services (SITS) program continues to move forward. Unit migrations to SITS remain a top priority of the Office of the Chief Information Officer and Vice Chancellor of IT at Washington University in St. Louis.

The program has touched nearly all WashU campuses, migrating several departments to Shared IT Services, including Developmental Biology and OB/GYN at the Medical Campus, as well as Olin Business School and the Sam Fox School at Danforth. Additionally, in the last month SITS has successfully migrated 10 central fiscal and administrative units, including OVCR, SHS, IACUC, AMP, TRIO, RSVP, JROC, DCM, OSR and TLC. You can learn more about what happens during migration to Shared IT Services here.

In January, we reported that 10,000 workstations had been migrated to Shared IT Services, a major milestone for the program. The total count today sits at 12,040, which places the program at more than 50% complete.

The following units recently entered the Discovery phase in preparation for their migration: Anesthesiology, Surgery, School of Engineering, Psychiatry and the Olin Library. During this phase, we partner with the unit to understand their business and technical environment in order to plan and prepare solutions for their migration needs. The SITS Discovery team is currently deploying a Computer Location Survey to upcoming migrating departments. Because machines are moved from time to time, this survey is critical to validating our current computer inventory. In the first week, the survey collected information on over 560 unique machines, providing meaningful data to help our Discovery team prepare units for their migration.

The SITS Communications team is in the process of revamping communication with our users. We are currently enhancing the User Reports provided to users ahead of migration in hopes of decreasing the disruptions to users’ daily workflow during the migration process. By implementing these changes, we aim to lower our incident rates and provide better customer service. Further development of strategic communications and increasing customer engagement remains another top priority as we look ahead to the second half of the project.

You can view the updated SITS migration schedule here. If SITS is coming to your area next, follow this link to see how you can prepare for your move to Shared IT Services.