March 15: Update to Change Management Process

Audience: WashU IT Staff

To further streamline the Change Management Process, the Implementer Notification Template will no longer be used and attached to a Request for Change (RFC). For RFCs where the implementer/requester is managing the communications, simply indicate this in the Description field or the Customer Impact & Notification section of a RFC with a statement such as, “Implementer handling communications.”


  • For customer communications, a PSA should still be engaged. The Communication Request Form should be completed and attached to a RFC.
  • For project communications, a PSA project communication plan can be attached in lieu of the Communication Request Form

No longer in use:
Implementer Notification Template

Indicate the implementer/requester is handling communications in the Description field:
Description field of a RFC

Or in the Customer Impact and Notification section:
Customer Impact and Notification section

For additional information, see the IT Change Management Quick Guide, IT Change Management Process Guide, and the IT Change Management Charter.

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