SharePoint Quarterly Patch Schedule: 2019 and 2020

Washington University IT supported SharePoint sites are updated regularly.  The update schedule for 2019 and 2020 may be found below.

This schedule has been set in order to minimize downtime required for system updates. All security patches and/or updates that Microsoft has released for SharePoint will be installed on a regular schedule. This will make SharePoint more functional and less prone to security vulnerabilities overall. Please note this is in addition to the monthly patch schedule for Windows.

On the day of scheduled maintenance, production SharePoint sites will be taken offline at 6 p.m and redirected to a maintenance page. All updates are scheduled for Saturdays with an estimated downtime of 12 hours. Existing content on SharePoint sites will not be lost.

The quarterly SharePoint patch installation schedule has been approved for the following dates:

26 May 2019 (Moved from 20 July 2019, due to potential security vulnerability)
16 November 2019
15 February 2020
18 July 2020
21 November 2020

SharePoint site owners will receive a reminder email the day before a scheduled installation, and a completion status email once the installation is completed. If there are any documents within SharePoint that you wish to access or work on during this planned maintenance, it is recommended that you download and save them to WUSTL Box prior to the outage.

Support for sites offered through WashU IT is provided through the WashU IT Solutions Center, which can be accessed by phone at 314-935-8200, or by email at Additional questions can be directed to SharePoint Administrator Roger Portillo at 314-935-7034 or at

We appreciate your cooperation as we work to enhance our services and provide a better user experience.